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clrmame Discussion / Re: New Feature Request
« on: 27 August 2011, 20:31 »
from what I know, it should not be possible as things are today.
What you require will need those infos (videogame, pinball, fruitmachine, consolle) to be included into MAME, ecause clrmame gets it's data from MAME itself. So you should send your request to mamdevs, not to Roman.

An alternative would be to have someone sort all the games manually, and release a datfile for each separate cathegory.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Work In Progress
« on: 27 July 2011, 11:40 »
I am too!

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 3.138a
« on: 26 May 2011, 09:46 »
Thank you very much, you are very fast.
I tested the new binary (32bit) and it works perfectly now.

I would love to use XML, but to manage my DATfiles I'm using an old tool which only supports old style DATs.

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 3.138a
« on: 25 May 2011, 06:57 »
Hi Roman.
MAME 0.142u4 (32bit) freshly compiled.
Using clrmamepro 3.138 - scanner - set information - export (*) -> resulting file is 16.506KB
Doing the same thing, same settings with clrmamepro 3.138a -> resulting file is 398.872KB !!!!!!!

What am I doing wrong?

(*) in cmpro.ini I have "Adv_DatFormatXML = off"

clrmame Discussion / Re: The Basics...
« on: 21 November 2010, 16:08 »
well, do the following:
1) get a correct datfile for 0.37b5 (or create one yourself using the mame 0.37b5 exe)
2) point clrmame to said datfile, go to rebuilder, use your actual rom folder as a source and a new folder as destination.
3) make it run (remeber to un-check "remove files" if you want to keep your actual collection of roms unaffected by the process)

At the of the rebuilt process you will have in the new folder the best possible collection of roms for 0.37b5 that you can possibly get from your actual roms.

In case repeat the process using the roll-back collection as a source.

clrmame Discussion / Re: MESS and software lists
« on: 10 May 2010, 20:08 »
Sorry to jump in the middle of your discussion.
Let me see if I understand all of this correctly:
1) next version of MESS will have a list of games/software supported by each of the various systems that MESS emulates
2) So basically MESS will include a 2 layers list: a "top" one which is the current list of system supported by MESS, and a "lower" one which is a ramification of the top one, where under every system there is the list of supported software for that system
3) CLRMAME will natively support such a 2 layers structure, automatically checking firstly for the systems, and secondly for the software in each and every system.

If it's the case, you guys ARE AWESOME!
I'll finally get rid of all those good, non-good, tosec, no-intro, etc.etc. lists; and only keep what is really and officially "approved" by the MESS team.
Thank you!

Undumped Wiki / Re: Win Win Bingo
« on: 01 December 2009, 17:37 »
Amending a comment is game, creating a new cathegory for "partially dumped games" is a different league.

I don't dare it.

Undumped Wiki / Win Win Bingo
« on: 01 December 2009, 08:36 »
It's only PARTIALLY dumped, not fully dumped.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Small issue: dir2dat
« on: 15 September 2009, 20:07 »
if they're not empty (I guess I changed that lately)
OK. I was asking because in the past Year & Manufacturer were not strictly linked to a match in the tagdata, and were added as an empty field in any case.

clrmame Discussion / Small issue: dir2dat
« on: 14 September 2009, 21:09 »
Add Manufacturer & Add Year are NOT adding manufacturer & year fields to the datfile.

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 3.131 released
« on: 01 September 2009, 07:51 »
Maybe later....

Appartment move....Fatherhood...September is a busy month...
I was not meaning "do it now!", it was only a way to have my idea written down somewhwere for future reference.

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 3.131 released
« on: 31 August 2009, 22:22 »
Very beautifull indeed!

I see that both "old" and "new" datfile has to be in .dat or .xml format.
Any chance you will directly support mame-exe as "new" or "old" datfile?

clrmame Discussion / Re: Rename Wizard wip
« on: 20 August 2009, 13:09 »
AFAIK DatWorkshop is already doing this....

OH, yes! I'm using it, and it's good. But everything in one single tool would be marvelous!

clrmame Discussion / Re: Rename Wizard wip
« on: 19 August 2009, 13:57 »
I'm extremely happy about this new development of clrmame.
Now crlmame is no more "only" a rommanager, but it's also a "datmanager"; something I was asking more then 3 years ago.
In addition to this "compare" function, it would be great to have also an "addition" function and a "subtraction" function.
Where addition is: take datfile A and datfile B -> generate datfile C which include all roms from both datfile, whit only one instance for duplicate roms.
Subtraction is: take datfile A and datfile B -> generate datfile C which only includes roms from A not duplicated in B

Am I dreaming? ;)

Undumped Wiki / Re: Cubo CD32 games
« on: 30 July 2009, 19:16 »
non ho idea di quando sia stato dumpato, ma e' disponibile sui NG di emulazione da ieri.

Undumped Wiki / Cubo CD32 games
« on: 29 July 2009, 10:32 »
Here is a list of all known Cubo CD32 games a.t.m.
Code: [Select]
Title                | rev. | year | dumped
Candy Puzzle         |  1.0 | 1995 | YES
Harem Challenge      |      | 1995 | YES
Laser Quiz           |      | 1995 | YES
Laser Quiz France    |  1.0 | 1995 | NO
Laser Quiz 2 "Italy" |  1.0 | 1995 | YES
Laser Strixx 2       |      | 1995 | YES
Lucky Five           |      | 1995 | NO
Magic Premium        |  1.1 | 1996 | YES
Odeon Twister        |      | 199x | NO
Odeon Twister 2      |202.19| 1999 | YES

ok..rule #1: There is no reason on earth to disable the "SETS" option.
again, rule #1: There is no reason on earth to disable the "SETS" option. So keep it enabled!!!!!!

Maybe you should wipe out the "sets" option and leave to the user only "roms", "samples" and "chds" options

clrmame Discussion / Re: 2 issues, 1 request
« on: 27 July 2009, 07:50 »
1) Ok, thanks
2) It's checked. It is usually happening with .png files which are kept unzipped. Last time it occurred to me was updating AntoPISa snap collection from .132 to .133. I keep snap collections unzipped in their respective folder.
3) Yes, I know about subfolders; but that's not what I need. I was looking to possibly set backup folder on a per set base, like: - with mame.exe use as backup folder c:\unsortedarcade and with mametitles.dat use as backupfolder d:\temp\snaps .Would it be possible?

clrmame Discussion / 2 issues, 1 request
« on: 26 July 2009, 21:11 »
in batchrun, the new "never/always scan subfolder" is not saved correctly in between sessions.

Sets with wrong name that clrmame could not rename (same name already existing in the same folder) are not moved to backup folder.

backup folder is a general setting, valid for the whole clrmame. Would it be possible to make it a "per datfile" setting?

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