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News & Communication / clrmamepro 3.133 released
« on: 07 April 2010, 22:01 »
added: introducing 'DIFF SCAN'. A new scan functionality which knows which
       sets did change from a previous datfile to the current one and with
       this option you will only scan the sets which did change.
       'Change' in terms of important changes which makes a rescan necessary
       (e.g. a checksum or rom name change, NOT a description change).
       When e.g. MAME updates, 99% of all sets stay the same, there is not
       really a need to rescan them (unless you changed them manually).
       You can now use the diff scan option. It's only selectable if at least
       one set differs and not all do differ.

       This function is robust against cache-clearing.
       In the set information window you can use the popup menu in the tree
       to show only the changed sets if you're interested in them.
added: archives in archives (...in archives...) are supported now.
       Removing rebuilt files is limited to the root level though.

added: writing profiler.xml file when you leave cmpro, you can use this xml
       for any of your own xslt/html building usage

misc:  updated unrar dlls
misc:  disabled systems are shown in title line set count and stats
misc:  renamed rebuilder logfile reason for skipped files
misc:  standard listinfo and xml dats don't necessarily require a description
       tag. In this case, the setname is used as description, too.

fixed: some line limit detection fixes on xml dat parser (MESS > .137 issue)
fixed: some wrong stats when using fastscan
fixed: wrong warning about a not recommmended scan appears rarely for fastscan
fixed: forgot to remove old cache files after dat update

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.132b released
« on: 18 January 2010, 21:55 »

added: support for utf-8 encoding in xml datfiles
misc:  agent name for http/ftp is now set to "cmpro"
fixed: www profiler can't load from php generated urls with ?
fixed: archive comments warning is still broken for rar files
fixed: wrong illegal download folder message on clean install
fixed: explore menu option opens an explorer path for not game specific warnings
fixed: www open popmenu option shows romname in url only in the 2nd try onwards

News & Communication / clrmamepro 3.132b released
« on: 18 January 2010, 21:55 »

added: support for utf-8 encoding in xml datfiles
misc:  agent name for http/ftp is now set to "cmpro"
fixed: www profiler can't load from php generated urls with ?
fixed: archive comments warning is still broken for rar files
fixed: wrong illegal download folder message on clean install
fixed: explore menu option opens an explorer path for not game specific warnings
fixed: www open popmenu option shows romname in url only in the 2nd try onwards

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.132a released
« on: 25 December 2009, 20:34 »

fixed: missing bytes column falsely appears in www profiler
fixed: archive comments warning is broken for rar files

Merry XMas and a Happy New Year

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.132 released
« on: 08 December 2009, 22:19 »

added: basic support for HyperSpin dat files
added: optional warning about archives (zip/rar) with comments (compressor settings)
added: missing/available bytes display in profiler and html report
added: rebuilder advance option to not create set folder when rebuilding to decompressed sets
misc:  changed renamewizard keep parent behaviour to "if the old set was a parent and is renamed to a non-parent
       in the new dat, you can use the option to allow this or not."
misc:  show prompt after renamewizard modified a dat
misc:  changed windows rect calculation which may solves weird border issue
misc:  some minor code cleanup here and there
fixed: show wrong setname in download popupmenu
fixed: don't mark profile as green when a sysdefpath not assigned message pops up
fixed: separated biosfiles are wrongly counted as missing in fully missing sets

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.131b released
« on: 02 November 2009, 20:54 »

fixed: rename wizard's 'keep parent' option isn't working

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.131a released
« on: 28 October 2009, 21:12 »

fixed: header support reported bad hashes when using the decompress and calc sha1/md5/full crc tests
fixed: rename wizard column sorting gets broken after using "Apply Changes"
fixed: merger shows merge options even when no parent/clone relationships are available

clrmame Discussion / 134 dats
« on: 15 October 2009, 19:20 »
as you might notice...the artwork dats aren't up2date for 134...
well...you know...lack of time...so let's skip 134 and wait for 135 for which I hope I can update the dats....

...besides...you can of course use the renamewizard to apply the changes yourself :)

clrmame Discussion / If you wondered...
« on: 04 October 2009, 15:47 »
...why it is so silent around cmpro lately....well....I'm moving to a new appartment and my son was born.

Welcome on planet earth, Bennet, September 26th, 4:13am, 4190g, 56cm. Mother and son are all well. Thanks for making me a proud and very happy daddy ;)

Back online somewhere mid October.


clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.131 released
« on: 31 August 2009, 21:27 »

More on rename wizard:

- changed analysis to 5-pass
  1) unique set hash
  2) single unique rom hash match
  3) single unique chd hash match
  4) description match
  5) setname match
- detecting removed, added and replaced sets
- new layout, list control, sortable columns
- acess via Profiler Button
- keeping positions and options
- added option for enable/disable parent rename
- added option for enable/disable rename to multiple new name
- detecting new, removed and replaced sets
- export to clipboard, file and file (mamediff format)
- diff button only reparses files if needed

- ability to apply renames to a 3rd datfile (e.g. an artwork datfile).

  You can select 'apply on sets' or 'apply on roms' method.

  'Apply On Sets' renames set name (description, year, manufacturer, romof, cloneof, sourcefile
  tags optionally), while 'Apply on Roms' renames rom name, rom merge tags. In case of roms, it checks
  the names with and without extensions, so you can easily have them as e.g. *.png.

  This 'Apply' option will only do the renames. Removed, added, replaced sets are not handled.

  Usage example:

  Enter paths to a MAME .133 datfile as old and MAME .133u3 datfile as new.

  Hit 'diff' and see what the renames......now load a MAME flyersdatfile for
  .133 as 'Modify DatFile'. Enable 'Apply On Roms' and hit 'Apply Renames'. It will create you
  a *_new.dat with the updated roms.

clrmame Discussion / Rename Wizard wip
« on: 13 August 2009, 22:57 »

- list control for the result
- sorting support by column
- copy to clipboard (|-separated, no header, all columns)
- save to disk (|-separated, no header, all columns)
- export as mamediff format (oldname, newname + filenames as header)

To Do

- improve fuzzy / best guess test
- option to forbid parent renames (since some dats only work on parents)
- auto patching a 3rd (or maybe more) dat(s) on game or rom level
- save positions, sorting, more messages blabla...

Hey s_bastian, I guess you want to test this....

...check later posts for updated urls...

*edit* yes..I', aware of the "thrild2" issue when comparing 133 vs 132.

*|thrild2|thrild2a|matched by single unique rom hash

so what happened here....
a) there's a missing * in the first line
b) why does the 3rd line show thrild2 as a new file (in the 2nd it's an old)

The reason for both is the "not allow double renames" and the best guess rename finder.
thrild2a is normally a best guess rename to thrild2a but we already have a higher prio rename by single unique rom hash. That's why it gets the ?.
The missing * is simply a bug which doesn't set the indicator in this case....
The 3rd line is simply also a bug based on this higher prio rename just the other way around..

I will look into this over the weekend....anyway...Rename Wizard is WIP :)

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.130a released
« on: 12 August 2009, 22:58 »
Still busy with real life...so again, something in between:


rename wizard:
  - improved fuzzy name compare
  - don't allow identical new names, the one with the best method wins

misc: don't replace illegal chars in description tags until you use it for writing
misc: reapplying setinformation options "incl.clones/parents" on profile load, this
      can be useful if you limit sets with "available sets" (and the parent/clone options)
      to auto-enable some renamed sets on dat update. However you still should recheck
      the limit sets after an update since limiting sets is not robust against massive renames.
misc: improved chd decompress and check hash routines slighly

fixed: checkbox init of scanner->Hash&CHD->CHD MD5/SHA1 is not always correct
fixed: header support getRealSize was still broken

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.130 released
« on: 06 August 2009, 22:14 »

a somehow "in between" release. Since I'm currently preparing a house move I
better release what I got at the moment....


1st part of the upcoming new toy "Rename Wizard".

You may know about the major set renames in latest MAME, well the Rename Wizard
should help you in the future to update e.g. related datfiles (like artwork
datfiles, etc...). The basic idea is: Load an old datfile and a new datfile.
Find set renames. Apply the renames to a third datfile (e.g. artwork) either
to rom or set level and save this dat. So the 1st step is to find set renames.

Logiqx's MAMEDIFF is usually used for such a thing but MAMEDIFF isn't as
accurate as you might think. So Logiqx and myself though about other ways to
find renames. The current idea is a 6-path check (from highest to lowest prio).

1) unique set hash compare
Hash is created over all rom/disk hashes and in case of nodumps or samples over
names. Hash lookup tries to find a matching set.

2) single unique rom hash compare:
Take a single unique rom hash of old datfile
set and check if it's a single unique hash in new datfile. Use this to find a
matching set

3) single unique chd hash compare:
similar to 2) but on chds

4) fuzzy name check:
similar to cmpro's scanner set name check. Tries to find the 'best fit' name

5) lazy description compare:
try to match the descriptions

6) lazy set compare:
try to match the setname

Currently a complete set list is produced showing something like:

old name -> new name [succeeded matching method]
*old name -> new name [succeeded matching method]
old name -> ? (when no match was found....propably a removed set)
The * indicates a name change.

This part is already in...you can play around with it if you like.

The next steps will be:

- optionally disallow parent-to-clone renames (since a lot of dats
work on parent sets only)
- load and apply changes on 3rd datfile

The Rename Wizard is not directly visible at the moment...but still easy to find.
Check out popup menus if you want to know more ABOUT it.

added: warning when 'Sets' scan option is not enabled
added: dir2dat option to create a 0 byte file for empty folders
misc: show common rebuilder warnings only once and not per addpath
misc: improved fuzzy set name check
fixed: xml dats with UTF ByteOrderMark aren't listed in profiler
fixed: when using header support, rom size values are wrong
fixed: offline datfiles 0 crc/ 0 size issue

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.129 released
« on: 27 July 2009, 23:03 »

misc:  added some more support for offline dats. Parsing romTitle tags etc...
misc:  don't allow "." at the end of a rom name anymore
misc:  parser warning about double named rom entries but different hashes include nodumps (MESS .133)
misc:  fixing an unpacked wrong file name (where the new name already exists) backups and replaces the existing file now instead of reporting not-fixed.
fixed: batcher-rebuilder always scan/never scan subfolder options aren't saved correctly

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.128b released
« on: 23 July 2009, 22:15 »

misc: increased scanner speed slightly
misc: wrong named chds on root level (and with root mode enabled) are detected and can be fixed
misc: you can add/drop *.xml files as datfiles, too now
fixed: offline xml dat parser (however naming is currently limited to release number + name + extension)
fixed: "double description/folder" renames during parsing can create double counter extension
fixed: old style dat parser is broken in 3.128a

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.128 released
« on: 20 July 2009, 19:28 »

added: batcher-rebuilder always scan/never scan subfolder options
misc:  enhanced "Can't merge set due to equal names" check to work with chds, too
misc:  increased memoryfile size which is used for header support. This should increase speed when header detection is done on zipped files
misc:  added shareRead and shareWrite options to cmpro.ini. Setting them to "on" will allow general file read/write sharing. Use it on your own risk ;)
removed: fix missing scans all set. An old resource hog...rarely used

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.127
« on: 09 June 2009, 20:41 »

misc:  showing compress/decompress information in progress window
fixed: external packer delete operations fail when deleting more than 1 file with spaces in its name
fixed: sometimes wrong fix name messages are shown for files with romsize = 0
fixed: dir2dat initially scans subfolders even when subfolder option is disabled which can take some time
fixed: 7z sdk returns a not initialized pointer value instead of a crc=0 for a size 0 file
fixed: falsely allow rebuilder drag'n drop while showing rebuilder stats
fixed: an empty rebuilder destination folder is initially shown in scanner's drag'n drop options (instead of 1st rompath)

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 3.126b released
« on: 21 May 2009, 21:18 »

misc:  updated 1G1R algorithm according to No Intro Team's new requirements.  Active regions now filter sets in 1G1R mode
misc:  don't allow backup & download folders as rompath subfolders anymore
misc:  updated to some newer 7z sdk routines (fixing accessing files >=4GB). However block based unpack is still not enabled
misc:  new datfiles are sorted by full path name and not by description
misc:  changed and added some no profile/no data messages
misc:  got rid of some short foldernames
fixed: crash when printing results for sets without roms

clrmame Discussion / cmpro 3.126a released
« on: 23 April 2009, 20:01 »

added: 3 state button bar file
misc:  scanner popupmenu move/copy to operations remember last used path
fixed: bios assignment can fail on rather identical sets (naomigd/naomi MAME .131 issue)

clrmame Discussion / I'm not an artist....
« on: 15 April 2009, 22:11 »
...but I quickly made this:


...you might want to download it and load it in About->(PopupMenu)->Change Buttons.....

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