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Undumped Wiki / Re: Request for translation from japanese
« on: 24 June 2014, 01:57 »
Better late than never but I could not tell that this was ever done.

Can someone translate these titles from japanese to english?

This one is "Jungle Hero".


This has two games, the first you can translate as either "Gamushara Battle! Petit Monsters" or "Gamushara Battle! Puchi Monsters". The second is "Fishing Master".

Big thanks to DFJustin as always.

[EDIT] ah, of course I see they were in as "Jungle Tooroo", "Puchi Monster Bu", and "Fishing Master". Renamed.

Given information from their webmasters and websites, it is preferable that:
- http://www.system16.com be referenced as "System 16" (without quotes), not "System16".
- http://www.arcade-history.com be referenced as "Arcade-History" (without quotes), not "Arcade History".
- http://unmamed.mameworld.info be referenced as "unMAMEd" (without quotes), not "Unmamed" or "UnMAMEd" and so on. (fixed all references)
- http://flyers.arcade-museum.com be referenced as "TAFA" (without quotes). (fixed all references and links)
- http://www.atarigames.com be referenced as "AtariGames.com" (without quotes), preferred to "Safestuff" or "Scott Evans" probably. (fixed all references)
- http://www.progettoemma.net be referenced as "Progetto EMMA", not "ProgettoEMMA" or "ProgettoEmma" or "Progetto Emma" (fixed all references)
- http://arcadeheroes.com be referenced as "Arcade Heroes", not "ArcadeHeroes". (fixed all references)
- http://www.ipdb.org is the Internet Pinball Machine Database but should be referenced as "IPDB", not "IPMD". (fixed all references).

Note of contention:
- http://www.arcade-museum.com can be referenced as either "KLOV" or "IAM" (without quotes). "IAM" stands for "International Arcade Museum" and refers to the entire site and physical collection of not just videogames but pinball, electromechanical and other games, jukeboxes and coin-operated machines referenced there. However, past precedent still favors the use of "KLOV" for our intended purposes. "Arcade-Museum.com" is probably not an acceptable short description.

Any more?

I figured out what that graphic is, it's a screenshot from
 Footage incuding Kyuukouka Bakugekitai from 1989 AOU Expo on Digital Video Press (デジタルビデオプレス ) (Vol.2), a 1989 videogame magazine (Japanese laserdisc, probably).

Embedded here for ease of viewing.

Added to wiki article.

DFJustin tells me the flyers you link to say nothing but either advertising copy (Kozoutai Gaccho) or description of gameplay (Wild Boy), no other game names or information.

Otherwise, can't find much evidence for it. Jim Hernandez's old game list mentions it as Konami GX-332. Other arcade game lists claim it's named "Sparky" instead of "Sparkie".

Considering both "Spelling Bee" and "Spelling Tree" are described as educational games, I find it extremely unlikely that it is an arcade game, and we're not in the habit of listing console/computer games here instead.

Also, the pages that say that there might have been an arcade game are referring to System16.com as their source, which is most likely wrong.

There's no written rule on this but we probably don't link there within the wiki because http://www.higenekodo.jp/untiku_fra.htm
is the website of an active Japanese arcade collector.

http://www.higenekodo.jp/untiku/botsu.htm is where you can find the rest of that page the newsletters/flyers you found are displayed. As you can see, it is a page he has dedicated to unreleased arcade games.

I am reasonably certain we have looked through his website before, it's been online since at least February 2008.

I guess you could say that I'm a skilled web-technic because I do know what's on his page (that Google can see, at least).

Before it was at higenekodo.jp, it was at http://www.ngy1.1st.ne.jp/~momochi/untiku_a.htm since 2001.

Yes, I can confirm we've been all over that website.

Undumped Wiki / Re: Improvement Ideas
« on: 24 January 2014, 09:21 »
Before you delete an entry because a game is emulated, check if arcade-history.com has the same useful information. If not, submit it for approval.

Game entries are almost never deleted. Instead they are changed to Category: Dumped.
or some of the other "not-Undumped" categories.

The only things truly deleted are when games are named incorrectly, and occasionally if they were proved to have never existed. Even then, this is a wiki, the proof that the information was there is in there if you dig back in the wiki page history far enough.

I have pretty much direct editing rights (sorta like "moderator") to arcade-history.com (or at least I did) as does Osso, etabeta, SonOfPhoenix and of course Alexis is admin there. (Hm, I just noticed that Osso, etabeta, SonOfPhoenix and myself are no longer mentioned in the arcade-history.com footer... maybe he discontinued that idea in 2014, maybe nobody was doing it...)

However, it was nice to be granted these arcade-history.com editing powers but I almost never use them because I'm too busy with other things, so I usually just submit like any average person.

I send him emails when I notice big changes that need to be made. Alexis knows about the wiki, although I am unsure as to his mastery of it. Yes, it would be nice to have more links to arcade-history.com entries within the wiki, and more collaboration and communication, I agree.

I emailed Chris, he's aware of the issue and will take care of it in his next site update (which may be a while). :)

I can't imagine there is a game from Cidelsa named Octopus, and a different game starring a squid! Unlikely, but maybe it is true!

We have "Octopus" in the Playmatic / Cidelsa list but without a page, maybe I will put a page with this info there.. the fact that we don't even know the right name is sad...

Here's what I put so far. Please let me know if I made a mistake.

BTW, I did not understand this sentence. "Leeching"?
If leeching were you doing with these piranhas evolved to another more difficult to kill to become indestructible color, shooting them to change direction .

Bizarre! I've gone through it, and I have to say - you're right! :)

It's definitely Turbosub.com's video (and the channel it's on belongs to Chris Smith the Turbosub.com admin) but it's not embedded or linked at turbosub.com!

I stand corrected.

Yes, we know, because our "Bouncer" entry links to turbosub.com and turbosub.com links to his video.  :)
I added it anyways, though, thanks.

Undumped Wiki / "ShimDrive"/SimDrive
« on: 17 May 2012, 19:04 »
From some old correspondence with Yasu of Team JAPUMP!!! circa 2010:

SimDrive (Namco System 22, not System 21) uses actual body of Mazda
Eunos RoadStar. It was actually developed and did appear on AM show, but
not released to the market. See attached photo (from page 135 of the
November 1992 issue of the magazine Gamest, covering the 1992 AM Show).

(Thank you for mirroring scan on the wiki)

Translation/transliteration of text, but not captions (by Gridle):
A hyper driving simulator "Simdrive" implemented on the Namco original
visual system "System 22". Newly developed high performance graphics
machine "TR³" enables pictures and textures on polygons, as well as
shading, allowing for more realistic graphics.

It is confusing to tell the difference between SimDrive, "Eunos Roadster
Driving Simulator"
http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=833&page=1#2687 and "Ridge Racer
Full Scale" http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=833&page=1#2693
so it looks like the chronology goes:
1. 1990/09 - Eunos Roadster Driving Simulator (released - for driving schools) -
2. 1992 - SimDrive (prototype) -
3. 1993/4 - Ridge Racer Full Scale (released) -

Eunos Roadster Driving Simulator (Namco/Mazda/Mitsubishi Precision) is
actually released (only to driving schools, not for arcades) in

So technically a final fix is to move SimDrive from Namco System 21 to
System 22. Wikipedia Japan has this correct.

Undumped Wiki / X-Cult info
« on: 19 December 2011, 15:02 »
Found while roaming around, please make sure you absorb if information is pertinent to your endeavors: http://www.x-cult.org/cat/28/Arcade

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