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clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.01 released
« on: 20 September 2011, 23:56 »
fixed:   missing device path/system initialization randomly keeps devices unchecked

I can confirm that this has fixed the problem for me. Thank you ;D

Thanks for taking a look. The only thing I did with the uploaded package was to create a MAME profile in a freshly-extracted cmpro directory using default settings, then closed it and zipped up the folder. I never went near the systems settings (I never have need to) so I didn't think to check there to see if devices were enabled. The problem seems to be that this is toggled without my input. If all I need to do is manually re-enable it, this at least gives me a more viable workaround than deleting the profile and recreating it over and over until it works.

Like I said, I managed to do it on another computer and for me it's really as simple as creating the profile-- it's roughly 50/50 whether devices will be enabled or not. It doesn't sound easy to replicate without more information, and since I think I've provided all I can, there's probably not much to be done. Thanks for checking it out anyway.

I just replicated this on a brand new laptop, also running Windows 7 64-bit, but with an entirely different set of hardware. Once again, it seemed partly random. I extracted cmpro, copied the MESS and MAME executables directly into its root folder, and created the profiles. I created MAME first, which showed a "correct" screen with 14029/14029. Without restarting cmpro, I went back to the profiler and created the MESS profile as before, and it showed a Set Information screen like in my last screenshot: 1568/1647. Since this can take a few tries, I repeated the process.

I selected both profiles, right clicked and chose the delete option. Without ever restarting cmpro, I did everything once again, though this time I created MESS first. It returned 1568/1647 once more, and this time when I then created MAME the 14015/14027 scenario occurred.

Other filters seem to work fine, as I was able to do something like %f=vasara to select the correct set. Unfortunately, exporting the dat yielded the same inconsistent result-- sometimes it would load fine, other times not. As an alternative, I am uploading an example of an entire affected cmpro directory. As far as I can tell, extracting from this archive and running the program without touching anything will always show this issue.


Sorry, I should have clarified-- the screenshot was only meant to illustrate the title line. Here's how things look when everything is "OK":

The title line shows 14029/14029 when Select All is clicked (also by default) and shows the Namco sets as selected when "%I=1" is applied. The title line then reads 12/14029, as I would expect. Like this the Namco sets are able to be scanned and rebuilt as usual.

Here's an additional picture to clarify the one in my initial post:

Even though "%I=1" is applied and the proper sets are selected the title bar now shows 0/14027 (not 14029) and any attempts to scan or rebuild the affected sets fail to list them-- they appear to be ignored.

Here are two additional pictures showing the same thing happening with MESS:

I'm not sure which sets are affected when it comes to MESS but I suspect it is related.

I've replicated this with two different binaries of MAME 0.143u4, one I compiled myself and another I got elsewhere. The pictures here were taken with both MESS and MAME at 0.143u5, each build being 64-bit. When creating the MAME profile I always answer Ok to All/No to All/No to All. I was initially reluctant to post this because it's entirely possible that this is all on my end. What nags at me is that even though it appears to be semi-random, only two distinct cases are ever the result and the same sets are affected each time. I'll see if I can narrow it down some more.

There seems to be a problem when creating a new profile from either a MAME or MESS executable in that devices (maybe others?) aren't always properly imported. This problem is intermittent, so I am unable to reproduce it every single time. The most common way for it to occur is while creating brand new MAME and MESS profiles back-to-back in a clean install of cmpro 4.00b, though 4.00a also had this issue. What happens is that the second profile to be created will have an incomplete setlist, in the case of MAME missing proper entries for around 12 sets such as namco50, namco51, etc. Using %I=1 in the set selection box will select 0 sets when this happens, and even if everything is selected the affected sets will not be scanned or rebuilt.

This has also happened when creating only a single profile or when updating from a newer executable, though I cannot pinpoint an exact way to reproduce it. I should note that sometimes everything goes fine and the profile is created as expected, though it may take a few tries. I'm running Windows 7 with the 64-bit versions of clrmamepro. This screenshot shows what a broken profile looks like:

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