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I think I figured out why I was getting that message. I accidentally forgot to select Add Roms Paths and instead just left it as Add Paths. Sorry. My other question still stand though about leaving Sets, Roms, samples, and CHD selected in the scanner options. Remember, I only want to check my existing zip files (about 1978 of them) and not check what I have against every game available for mame (10,000+).


I decided to just erase all of my roms (I Still have the backup of all of them that I made) and start all over. I copied all of my roms into a new folder and re-installed ClrMamePro.

At startup I created a whole new profile using my Mame32.exe (I know that I stated Mame.exe in previous messages, but that was just was just to simplify it). I then went into setting and added the path where my rom folder is (on the desktop in a folder named roms inside a folder named backup). I then went to Scanner and checked all of the boxes under 'Fix' & left ALL other option alone.

I then clicked 'New Scan' and a window popped up saying 'No Roms path specified' Go to Setting and set some paths or disable 'Roms'!!

I went back into settings and verified that the location of my Roms was still set and it WAS. When I then went to Scanner and hit new scan again I got the same message. What's going on?!?!? Also, should I leave 'Sets' 'Roms' 'Samples' and 'CHD' selected in the top left corner of the 'Scanner' screen?


I am attaching a screen capture from the scan. I expanded the tree for the Game Rod-Land and it states that I am missing the rom files when clearly I have them and they are showing up and playable in Mame. I also looked the rom up, as an example, on MAWs and it stated that it hasn't been modified since version .53! What's going on?!? I am convinced I am doing SOMETHING wrong. I just don't know what. PLEASE HELP! THANKS.

Again, I am prepared to start over again from scratch if need be. I know that I have already stated this, but my ONLY goal is to update the roms (zip files) that I have that work in v.135 but no longer work in v.141 to enable them to start working in v.141.

I ask again that you please go through it step-by-step with as much detail as possible to help me do what I want. As you can imagine, this has begun to become very frustrating and I would like to once again thank you for your patience.

Thank You.

I can understand that because there was probably a fair amount of updates to roms between .135 and .141, but as soon as I start the scan they little window taht pops up fills up with red X's and they keep scrolling non-stop at a really fast pace. That seems like there is a MAJOR issue and that I could be doing something wrong that I'm doing.

I did the steps that you said to...

I created a profile using the v141 binary file.

I went to Settings and entered in the path where my existing roms (zip files) are.

I went to Scanner, checked all of the 'Fix' options and left everything else alone, and clicked 'Scan'. The scan results window popped up and everything that came up seemed to have a red 'X' next to it. Is that what's supposed to happen??
The summary window when it was done had the following listed:

·Sets                 6196/9124
·ROMs                 51016/132610
·CHDs                 370/478
·Samples              -/2601
·Bytes                39gb/86gb

Fixed Wrong Case
·Sets                 1/1
·ROMs                 13/13
·CHDs                 0/0
·Samples              -/-

Fixed Unneeded
·Sets                 3/3
·ROMs                 590/590
·CHDs                 0/0
·Samples              -/-

Fixed Wrong Name
·Sets                 65/65
·ROMs                 3110/3110
·CHDs                 0/0

Fixed Wrong Size
·ROMs                 1/1

Fixed Wrong Date Time
·ROMs                 0/0

Wrong Hashes
·Wrong CRC32 ROMs     0
·Wrong SHA1 ROMs      0
·Wrong MD5 ROMs       0
·Wrong SHA1 CHDs      4
·Wrong MD5 CHDs       4

Corrupt Containers    0


Active Sets           9124/9124
·Parents              1866/1866
·Clones               4463/4463
·Others               2742/2742
·BIOS                 53/53

Active ROMs           132610/132610
·Parents              28230/28230
·Clones               67628/67628
·Others               34327/34327
·bad dumps            722/722
·no dumps             1505/1505
·verified dumps       0/0
·BIOS                 198/198

Active CHDs           478/478
·Parents              63/63
·Clones               93/93
·Others               235/235
·bad dumps            34/34
·no dumps             53/53
·verified dumps       0/0
·BIOS                 0/0

Active Samples        2601/2601
·Parents              534/534
·Clones               1846/1846

Active Bytes          86gb/86gb

It also raised the number of zip files in my roms folder from 1969 to 2914. That seems very odd. It also seems to have created a number of very small files (1KB - 4KB) too.

As far as the part about "Scanner Popupmenu View->Hide Fully missing sets and/or Delete->All incomplete sets" I didn't see that option anywhere. Am I missing something?

By the way, I Really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with all of this.

I downloaded Mamediff, but when I run it a DOS window pops uf for a split second then disappears so I guess that's not an option right now.

When you say 'add the missing stuff' what exactly do you mean? All of the roms that I have added between v135 and now (over the past year or so) are in the same folder as the roms that I originally had--I don't have a seperate directory for the new roms; they are all in the same folder.

Just so I have this right...

STEP 1 - Create a new profile by clicking 'Create' and using binary file for Mame 141. Then I would click 'Load/Update'
STEP 2 - Use 'Settings' and click 'Add' and enter the location of my roms (c:\Mame\Roms). Then Click 'Save as Def."?
STEP 3 - Use the 'Scanner', Enable all of the 'Fix' options, leave all the other options the same and click the 'Scan' button.

This is where I think I get lost. If I follow the 3 steps above will this accomplish my goal of updating ONLY the roms (zip files) that I have (if needed) so they will work in v141 (in the event that they have changed between v135 and v141)????


I think I am still a little bit confused. Let me re-state what I am trying to do. I would like to update (is rebuild the right word?) all of the roms (zip files) that I have that have been changed between versions .135 and .141. For example, let's say that I have Mame in a folder named C:\Mame and my roms (zip files) are in a folder named C:\Mame\Roms.

How would I update ONLY the roms (zip files) that have changed between versions .135 and .141 and leave all other roms (zip files) alone?

In theory, if I have 100 roms (zip files) [not including BIOS files] in my C:\Mame\Roms folder I would still have that same amount in the folder when I am finished updating them with ClrMamPro. Is this correct? For example, I have Final Fight (World) [ffight.zip] and it's clone Final Fight (USA) [ffightu.zip]. When I am done doing what I am trying to do I would like to still only have those two roms (zip files) and NOT have ffightj.zip, ffightua.zip, and ffightub.zip in my rom directory too.

Would it be at all possible for you to explain to me step by step what I need to do? Iwould REALLY, REALLY appreciate it.  Please, if you can, include what options I should or shouldn't select. Again, I would REALLY appreciate this.

What I have tried doing is using my mame32.exe file to create the profile, used the scanner (I think), and used the rebuilder, but that seems to be taking a really, really, long time. Plus it looks to be creating ALOT of unnecessary file including files like ffightj.zip that I expalined above.

I am however, prepared to start from scratch if I need to in order to acheive what I am trying to do. Thanks.

Thanks. I will appreciate any help you can give me.

I am VERY new to using ClrMamePro.

I recently downloaded the newest version of Mame,v.141, after using v.135 for the past year or so. I noticed that not all the roms that worked in v.135 work in v.141. I looked online to see what options I had since I didn't feel like downloading all of the roms that have been updated since v.135's release.

I read about ClrMamePro and how I could use it to 'rebulid' the roms that had been updated since v.135 to make all my roms current.

Using ClrMamePro I created a profile using the mame.exe file from v.141. Is that right so far?

How would I use the Rebuilder to update my roms so they work in v.141?
Will the Rebuilder only update the roms that need updating?

I used the online tutorial, but got me confused. Especially the whole explanation on Merged set, Split Sets, and non merged sets.

Can someone explain to me what I should do to just update the outdated roms?
Is there an easier method or some other program that maybe I should be using?

By the way, when I did use the online tutorial on the Rebuilder. It seemed to take FOREVER and it also looks like it created files for roms (zip files) I didn't even originally have (i.e. a game for the Japanese clone version of Final Fight when originally I only had the US version)



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