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DatWorkshop Pro / DatWorkshop Pro - History
« on: 09 July 2008, 19:31 »
Tuesday 01 July 2008 - DatWorkshop Pro 2.0

General: Now you can choice a preferred dat format (ListInfo or Generic XML) for generated DatFiles.
Realdiff: Fixed Sha1 Check when the older dat not contain the sha1 value for a roms and the newer dat expose it
Realdiff: Improved Auto Dest. Name facility
Hash-Calc: Fixed a possible crash
GUI: Right Toolbar can be hidden by uncheck 'Show Description' for the Main Toolbar
GUI: New custom icon
Library: Updated unrar.dll to version
Misc: Fixed a crash in the Option Form when 'Maximize on startup' is selected (introduced in v0.125.2)
Misc: New Modern Setup
Misc: Added Logiqx tools (MAMEDiff v2.29 and DatUtil 2.41) in the setup
Misc: Version Check for Main application and Logiqx tools
Misc: Added 'Import' button to DatFile Header editor

Generale : Ora ? possibile selezionare il formato preferito per i Dat Creati tra Listinfo o XML Generico
Realdiff : Sistemato il check Sha1 quando il vecchio dat non lo contiene ed il nuovo si
Realdiff : Migliorata l'asseganzine del nome automatico
Hash-Cacl : Sistemato un possibile crash
GUI: La barra di destra pu? essere nascosta deselzinando "Show Description" per la Main Toolbar
GUI: Nuova icona personalizzata
Librerie: Aggiornata la unrar.dll alla versione
Misc: Sistemato il crash che avveniva se si selezionava "Maximize on startup" nelle opzioni
Misc: Nuovo moderno setup
Misc: Aggiunti i tools di Logiqx (MAMEDiff v2.29 and DatUtil 2.41) nel setup
Misc: Controllo versione dell'applicazione e dei tools di logiqx via web
Misc: Aggiunto il pulsante 'Import' quando si edita l'header di un dat

Tuesday 27 May 2008  - DatWorkshop Pro 0.125.2

As a result of the use of more advanced programming techniques,
the speed of Realdiff was significantly increased even with check sha1
Added a simple Archive Integrity Checker (only zip and 7z)
...more bugs fixed...

Tuesday 27 Apr 2008 - DatWorkshop Pro 0.124.0
XML Support : All Tools can now manipulate XML DatFiles
Added Logiqx DatUtil FrontEnd
GUI : Some changes in Wish List
GUI : New Xp Style Buttons
GUI : UnRar ProgressBar
Wish List : INI Category Support
Wish List : Now remeber custom extensions
Create Dat : Now Support Drag&Drop for the Exe Name
RealDiff : Added some options for Tag Removing
RealDiff : Changed 'Preserve Listinfo Tags' with 'Remove Other Tags'
Ash-Calc : Fixed a crash
Misc : DoubleClick on the tray icon now remember the previous state

Tuesday 04 Mar 2008 - DatWorkshop Pro 0.123.3
Rar support (only for decompression)
Optimized the 7-Zip(and Zip) Support
New Vertical Toolbar
New Tool : Ash Calc
New : Extended Windows System Menu
New Error detections code when reading Bad DatFiles
Some bugs Fixed (As always)

Saturday 23 Feb 2008 - DatWorkshop Pro 0.123.2
New: Customizable Toolbar
New : You can now associate .dat files with Dat Workshop Pro
Some New Options and GUI changes
Some bugs Fixed (As always)

Thursday 14 Feb 2008 - DatWorkshop 0.123.1
New: Support for 7z Compression
New : Preserve Listinfo Tags Option for Realdiff

Sunday 10 Feb 2008 - DatWorkshop 0.123.0
New 7-zip32.dll (solve many compression issue)
New Tools
A lot of bugs fixed
And much more...

Sunday 29 Jul 2007 - DatWorkshop 0.117.2

Monday 20 Nov 2006 - DatWorkshop 0.110.2
Added CHD Support to Realdiff
Some Bugs Fixed

DatWorkshop v0.108.4 - Some bugs fixed

Sunday 10 Sep 2006 - DatWorkshop v0.108.3
Now with Multi-Language Support

Wednesday 26 Jul 2006 - DatWorkshop v0.107

Tuesday 11 Jul 2006 - DatWorkshop v0.106.34

Saturday 08 Jul 2006 - DatWorkshop v0.106.30

Saturday 15 Apr 2006 - DatWorkshop v0.104.2

DatWorkshop Pro / 2.0 WIP
« on: 27 June 2008, 23:29 »
New Modern Setup
Version Check
More Options

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