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Undumped Wiki / Re: Improvement Ideas
« on: 26 February 2010, 17:09 »
Hi guys, some of you just know me for my ugly & persistent presence in the Mame Italian Forum, so I'll skip to the point for them.

During a visit to the Undumped Wiki this morning I've had an Idea.
I really think that the undumped page, as it is today, is just a looooong gamelist, sorted by manufacturers. I've seen better structures in the well-known Wikipedia, just like This One. So I'd like to modify the undumped main page with links to stand-alone manufacturers pages, that have inside a game list only referred to that specific manufacturer.

It shouldn't be an hard work 'cause the page code is obtainable just with a copy-paste from a wikipedia page, then it's a simple work to adapt the code to our purposes.

I'm waiting for your thoughts.
Thanks for your attenction.

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