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I haven't looked into the actual score but I could imagine that both USA sets (the demo and the normal one) might get the same score value and then maybe the last one is prefered for no real reason. I guess the algorithm was more for a scenario where you only got distinct regions within one parent/clone relationship.

Well, I think my own algorithm has reached a point where I can say it's able to achieve a pretty good 1G1R set, as long as the No-Intro naming convention is used.

I have refined it with the help of some users and I think it's safe to say it works.

At the moment, it's only present as the Python script I linked in the original post for this thread.
Here's some tutorial of usage, if you're interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/RetroPie/comments/f5b2gb/how_to_make_1g1r_rom_sets_using_nointro_dats/
(Yes, the title is a bit provocative on purpose  ;D)

Of course, generating 1G1R sets is all it does, but it may be worth trying it and seeing if you think something like this could eventually be implemented in ClrMamePro itself.

Got it. Funny, it probably shouldn't be picking a demo ROM in this case (as there's a retail one available). I'll look into the algorithm. I also think DAT-o-matic's DATs might be to blame here, as they omit a lot of information in the XML (like language, for example) and maybe they're also to blame for the algorithm picking up a demo ROM. That could explain why it's missing from my output set: I don't have Demos, Samples, Prototypes, etc.

I'll look closer into the scoring system to find out why it's picking up that demo instead of a retail ROM.

So I made a quick test....downloaded the Nintendo - Nintendo DS (Decrypted) (Parent-Clone) (20200126-032320).dat with that DAT-o-matic, loaded it in cmpro, enabled the 1G1R option, enabled EUR as region and I get Mario Kart DS (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) listed (see screenshot)
When I select region USA I get the mario usa set with checksum eb26155d...

So everything works fine here and I don't see any bug.

As mentioned before, Logiqx' 1G1R algorithm (which uses a scoring algorithm) is unchanged for over a decade and the results highly depend on a) your enabled regions/languages, plus b) the order of the enabled regions/languages, c) the original datfile and its "release" elements....and sometimes users simply have a totally different understanding what 1G1R is all about (how the setnaming and set selection works).

In your Python code I don't see Logiqx' algorithm implemented but surely you can point me to it in your code....
I guess part of Logiqx' code can be found on old forum posts like https://forum.no-intro.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=544

I'll dedicate some more time to this, but meanwhile, what I did was to follow the procedures from here:

And I wasn't the only user who reported it excluding some games. Well, maybe the problem is in the steps in this link, then? I tried a number of other things but I failed to make it produce a set that included Mario Kart DS at all.

And I didn't implement his algorithm. I made my own (basically, it's also a scoring system and sorting a list of candidates based on it).
I'll check his algorithm and see where they differ, too.

Hi there,

I have tried to generate a 1G1R set for the Nintendo DS using DAT-o-matic's Parent/Clone XML (with default parent data) and I observed a few issues with it.

ROMs like "Mario Kart DS" would be simply missing, despite being available for all regions I selected (USA and EUR, in that order), among others. I see the full data for them in the DAT, including region data, but the ROM file is simply never picked up for selection.

For GBA, also, a number of Animal Crossing titles were missing, as well as a few other ones here and there.

Again, I checked the DAT and all the Parent/Clone data was there for those games.

I'll generate a better bug report with more detailed information, as all that happened a few weeks ago.

I created a small Python application that generates what the ROM selection is supposed to be like, from a Parent/Clone DAT, as a means of validating the selection clrmamepro makes (as well as creating my own tool for that because I wanted the sets immediately back then, instead of reporting the bug and letting someone fix it, wait, etc )

You can find it here: https://github.com/andrebrait/1g1r-romset-generator

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