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clrmame Discussion / TOSEC folder structure
« on: 08 March 2020, 01:49 »
Does somebody have a step by step for TOSEC?

I cant figure out how to make it that files are put into paths like:
\TOSEC\Commodore\Amiga\Applications\Public Domain\[ADF]

No matter what i try in the Misc tab in "Load profiles in BatchMode" they all end up in the TOSEC folder.

You did create the folders in the Windows explorer and not in CMP?

4.035 x64 portable on Windows 10

Is there a problem when creating folders directly inside the datfile directory?
I find it easier that way and then to copy the datfiles there and then hitting "refresh list".

But if i want to move profiles into another folder in CMP with "Move Profile(s)" i get:
Moving DatFile failed
Check diskspace and names

If i create the folder directly in CMP profiler this does not happen.

clrmame Discussion / No-Intro header files are not recognized
« on: 01 February 2019, 13:10 »
I did put the No-Intro header files into the headers directory.
I also tried selecting the header in settings headers.

But i always get the message that the dat needs a header file.
Tried it with NES and Lynx...

You need to restart CMP then it works. Just refresh is not enough.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Separating BIOS files?
« on: 22 January 2019, 12:49 »
Has nothing to do with Progetto

clrmame Discussion / Re: Separating BIOS files?
« on: 22 January 2019, 11:08 »
The reason for old versions are Android devices.
MAME for Android is 0.139u1.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Separating BIOS files?
« on: 21 January 2019, 21:59 »
Problem is there is no BIOS datfile for 0.139u1 and also there is non for later versions for just the software (MESS) stuff.

There is only one with just arcade BIOS's.

I googled around but did not found a tutorial on how to build dat files and especially how to filter out BIOS's or only software BIOS's.

How do you know which dats need software png's?
Nothing on that page is telling me that.

And that doesn't make sense that there is a arcade dat that you can build a romset without the software (MESS) stuff but then you need to download the software snaps, titles, covers...

Also i don't get why every snapshot set has it's own dat above it when it does not fit and then on that software list resources page there are again dats for each set.
Also on that page the snaps are called "ingames" and not snaps?

Seems like a mess to me and i can't wrap my head around that.

Damn i need pS_Snap_NS and it's here:

This should be the one above the sets on the snapshot page.

If i download a set here:

and every set has a dat then i assume the dat fits the set.
There is no hint that you need to download other stuff to the sets to make the dat fit.

Ok then it seems like i did everything right and the dats do not fit the sets.
Seems like its all MESS stuff that is missing.

I don't get it.

First thing to clarify is:
What do to with the snap_1.7z and snap_2.7z or titles_1.7z and titles_2.7z
I HAVE TO extract them because MAME does not recognize snap_1.7z and snap_2.7z if i put this two files in the snap directory.
I also can build a zip from all this extracted png's and that zip works in MAME.
But validating that zip with clrmamepro and pS_Snap_20190120_(cm).dat does not work (missing almost everything)?
Validating against a folder where i have snap_1.7z and snap_2.7z does not work (The following not empty rompaths don't contain any valid set)

Why do i need to combine them?
Maybe i only want Snapshots and Titles and don't care for Bosses and Ends.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Separating BIOS files?
« on: 21 January 2019, 16:24 »
I did forget the reason for the 0.139u1 separating:
If i can put the BIOS's in an extra folder on my tablet then i have them all and can just copy the games i want and have everything there to run it.


And on the PC the idea was:
R:\MAME\ROMs < With all Arcade BIOS's validated with the Progetto-Snaps MAME 0.XXX (Arcade).dat
R:\MAME\BIOS_MESS < Just MESS BIOS's validated with a dat that seems like does not exist

Request list? So it's a clrmamepro thing? I thought i need some special dats?

I did now download the titles and there are also two files (titles_1.7z, titles_2.7z)?

My path is: "R:\MAME\Extras\snap\snap.zip"
And rompath in clrmamepro is: "R:\MAME\Extras\snap\"

clrmame Discussion / Separating BIOS files?
« on: 21 January 2019, 12:20 »
I have a full 0.139u1 romset for Android and made it Non-Merged with "separate BIOS sets".
Is there a way to filter out the BIOS's so i can put them in another folder.
To save space on the Android devices i don't want to merge the BIOS's into the sets.

Same would be nice on the PC.
I use the Progetto-Snaps MAME 0.XXX (Arcade).dat so i don't need all the MESS Software.
But it would be nice to have the MESS BIOS files so i can use the emulators.
Is there a MESS BIOS only dat?

I have downloaded the 0.205 Full-Set and the pS_Snap_20190120_(cm).dat

First confusing thing is that all the tuts say it needs to be one zip file put the download has snap_1.7z and snap_2.7z.
Do i need to unpack them and then make a zip?

The problem is that if i make a zip that i miss 177 sets and 35046 ROMs.
If i unpack all png's in one folder i get the message that the rompath is empty.

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