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Thank you!  That was the problem.  I had clrmamepro pointed at the previous MAME version (0.197), which is why it didn't recognize the 0.198 updated ROMs.  When I installed 0.198 and re-scanned, it worked perfectly.   

Thanks again.


I am having trouble using the Rebuilder function in clrmamepro.  I am trying to apply updated MAME ROMs to my MAME_0.197 romset.  I have the updated ROMs in a source folder, and my romset in the "roms" directory of my MAME client.  The Rebuilder log file shows "[SKIPPED Reason: no hash match]" for each file.  How would I resolve the "no hash match" and use the Rebuilder function?  The romset I have is a merged set. 

Thank you!

When I run the Rebuilder, the summary shows:

Source-Files:           89

- now even counting files in archives -

Analyzed Files:         276
Created Files:          0

Matched Files:          0
Skipped Files:          276

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