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clrmame Discussion / Dir2Dat new feature req.
« on: 13 July 2019, 06:18 »
It would be useful to add an automatic (optional) CHD format recognition to Dir2Dat.

For example, Dir2Dat output for kinst CHD folder is:
rom ( name kinst.chd size 93887853 crc 35d59b6f sha1 12184e135cab2a6372c65843f823478b213bbfa0 )
CHD size and crc are useless and file sha1 is not documented anywhere.

Correct Dir2Dat output should be:
disk ( name kinst sha1 81d833236e994528d1482979261401b198d1ca53 )

Clrmamepro 4.031c shows false missing ROMs scanning a MAME 0.185 folder with only some missing CHDs.
Affected sets are mj2c, mj3d, mtchxl5ko, mtchxl5ko2 and mtchxl6ko.
All of them contain a clone CHD and share all ROMs with parent.
Copying a missing CHD into its folder will cancel its missing ROMs message after a new scan.

I have found  both ClrMame v1.94 and DATutil v1.6 hidden in a session of a very old CD.
All DATUtil files were extracted with uppercase names because of ISO9660 file system, so I changed all to lowercase.

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