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What is the best way to have multiple mame installs but organize the roms per emulator so clrmamepro addressed them correctly per emulator?
For example, i have MAMEUIFX, ARCADE64, and MAME64.
Mameuifx has the extra games roms, arcade64 has arcade roms without the gambling or poker and mame64 has the arcade, gambing and poker roms.

I have set my folders up like this:

I designated MAME64/roms/ as my "main" source of roms. All of my MAME roms (minus the mameuifx extras) are in this folder. I load the .dat for MAME64 and set my roms path to /MAME64/roms and samples to /MAME64/samples and run clrmamepro and it shows a complete .183 set.

Next, I load the .dat for ARCADE64 and set my rom paths to /ARCADE64/roms and my samples to /ARCADE64/samples. I copied my complete roms and samples folders from /MAME64/roms and /MAME64/samples into these folders and run the scanner and it deletes all the unnecessary roms and samples.

At this point I have 2 working complete systems but am wasting a ton of disk space.

To remedy this I run clrmamepro and load the MAME64.dat. Under settings I add the /ARCADE64/roms path to roms so I have 2 rom  paths now.
I run the scanner and it shows me:
Set exists in various rompaths: D:\Emulators\MAME64\roms\1941.zip; D:\Emulators\Mame64Arcade\roms\1941.zip , etc, etc.

Is there a easy way to delete the dupes from the \ARCADE64\roms folder other than manually deleting them one by one?

And how do address updates in the future without having it recreate them again when I run the rebuilder? Or would I just rebuild each dat with only its main rom folder and remove the \MAME64\roms path?

clrmame Discussion / Advanced Clrmamepro & MESS questions.
« on: 10 July 2016, 22:49 »
Trying to use clrmamepro's system lists with MESS but after spending almost a day on it trying different configs and googling my brains out I now admit defeat and am posting here and desperately seeking help.

Also, just want to mention that I already know how to batch import lists and do rebuild/scans one by one for each system, but that only works good for the original import, and when I go to update systems I have to go to each system and run rebuilder / scan which sucks and hence why i've been trying to setup system software lists to automate the whole process.

I have my bios files in the root of \messui\roms
I have my systems in \messui\roms as well but each system in its own folder, ie:


In the rebuilder windows of clrmamepro I have "Use system default paths" checked.
I also have "use addpaths" checked and have several paths configured for clrmamepro to search through during rebuilding.

here's what Im NOT sure about...

1) When I click on the "Systems" icon I have a unique path for each system, (and let me tell you what a pain in the ass that was for all the systems I had a folder for but no files in it so they weren't recognized and I had to manually point each one to the correct folder) but where do I point the first 3 systems in the list?, which are:


do I leave them blank? Unchecked? The root where my my bios and roms, ie \messui\roms\ ?

2) Whats the  softwarelists_175.xml file for that I downloaded from progettosnaps.net? Do I need to import this file into clrmamepro?

3) What is the best way to create the MESSUI.DAT file for clrmame pro?

A) In clrmamepro, via profiler I click import the MESS .175 .dat file that I downloaded from progettosnaps.net
B) In clrmamepro, via profiler, I click "create" then point it to my messui.exe file and then set system to "MESS" and let clrmamepro create its own MESS .175 dat


clrmame Discussion / renameSET.dat Questions
« on: 04 February 2016, 09:03 »
Im not completely understanding what this dat does for mame, does it simply compare the mame datfile with a users roms and rename the users roms that are named incorrectly but still have the correct CRC values?

Do I need to import it once for any mame dats I currently have AND again if I import or create a new mame dat? What about multiple folders in the profile window? Do I do it for each profile that contains a mame.dat or do I just add it to the root "profiles" folder? 

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.027 released
« on: 04 February 2016, 05:11 »
YES!, all is right in the world again... thanks a million.

Just out of curiosity, what was the problem?

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.027 released
« on: 03 February 2016, 08:48 »
hmm...a quick test here with a clean install of cmpro and your files don't show the problem....(Windows 10 Pro, 64bit)....simply went to scanner and directly into set-information.

...as mentioned, I will double check later at home....you may give the "show empty sets" option in the context menu (where you also had "show all" a chance...

The screenshot looks a bit weird anyway...the scrollbars are visible but not the rest....as if the CPU is totally busy with doing something nuts

Yeah, the scroll bar only appears a few seconds after changing from "show all" to another type of view and then it disappears again. Im no programmer but it seems like they are there but not showing up like its a font issue. Is that long line in my cmpro.ini correct under "Scan Scanner Font"?

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.027 released
« on: 03 February 2016, 07:58 »
Here ya go..

clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.027 released
« on: 02 February 2016, 21:56 »
Tried that, no luck. However, when I right click in the left tree and change it from "Show-> "All sets" to "Enabled sets" i can see the screen refresh and the scroll bar will briefly appear and then disapear but the window is still blank.


clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.027 released
« on: 02 February 2016, 19:30 »
Not sure what changed from 4.026 but now when I run a scan and click on "Set Info" all i get is the current rom that is highlighted in the results window. In the past It listed ALL roms in the dat after clicking on the "Set Info" button. Why is this and how do I fix it? Its happening to all my dats, mame, scumm, etc. I like being able to go into the set info window and deselct roms I dont want and then export it as a dat or just be able to run a scan without it showing missing files I have no interest in.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Clrmamepro error or dat problem?
« on: 18 November 2015, 05:27 »
I learned that there are multiple dat files that use the same filename/crc value in various .zip archives so my original question is no longer pertinent. To resolve my problem I ended up creating a unique rom path for each dat and that fixed my problem.

clrmame Discussion / Clrmamepro error or dat problem?
« on: 07 November 2015, 19:11 »
Been having this issue for a few weeks and finally discovered the cause.
The dats are for scummvm and my clrmamepro version is 4.026

Clrmamepro keeps asking me to rename roms when I load one dat and run a scan, and then asks the exact same question but opposite filenames when I load another dat and run a scan. This occurs when the dats roms folder is the same for all the dats (and all the .zips are in the root of the roms folder) 

1) Is this a issue with clrmamepro or the dats im using and is it fixable?


2) Do I have to keep all the .zips for each dat in a seperate folder (like chd folders are done in mame where each game that has a chd(s) has their own folder)?

I thought I remember reading in the clrmamepro documentation that when it comes across a "dummy" file without a valid crc value that it will always show up as "0x00000" or something like that for all "dummy" files. Maybe thats what the dats need to reference for the crc value for the dummy files?

Below is a example and a screenshot.

example showing the file "SNDDIR" with a crc32 value of 00000000 and TBYTE11H with a crc32 value of 00000000:

game (
   name agi-fanmade-96
   description "Monkey Man (Fanmade/DOS)"
   year 2000
   manufacturer "Unknown"
   sourcefile agi
   rom ( name LOGDIR size 300 crc 14f16c05 md5 2322d03f997e8cc235d4578efff69cfa )
   rom ( name OBJECT size 23 crc fedc35f4 md5 120acb1d39e89b1767364eb33097b051 )
   rom ( name PICDIR size 9 crc 65195960 md5 fc4dfd98cb15bc28fb881c4f0723d6bc )
  rom ( name SNDDIR size 0 crc 00000000 )
   rom ( name VIEWDIR size 756 crc 3be1e065 md5 6a93896f83b0f1e0069c8d2b8a4eeff2 )
   rom ( name VOL.0 size 42916 crc 114c9343 md5 2958db59a9a00f5f1bbf85bb1248a5b7 )
   rom ( name WORDS.TOK size 1670 crc 4b6bbfc8 md5 77896c7f8cc3cdc8c3a0b069f3b5a16b )

resource (
   name 11res
   description "ZZZ - 11th Hour, The: The sequel to The 7th Guest Resources"
   year 1995
   manufacturer "Trilobyte"
   sourcefile groovie
   rom ( name MEDIA\DVMOD5A.GJD size 63819750 crc d937bb76 md5 d1b34c02119e77d525533eb27cd77fee )
   rom ( name MEDIA\DVMOD5B.GJD size 57058166 crc 3ab5e9ff md5 0900225cfc67ea8c815fa4d40d1d3c38 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\DVMOD5C.GJD size 54605691 crc 143face9 md5 5805c012adffe7e041985020f57b6531 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\FHPUZ.GJD size 7570927 crc 360c8fb2 md5 b6a57cfb3837825b6b821187a5381fe9 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\FINAL_HR.ROL size 26360598 crc fc198ccf md5 23ca3d658449a3bd1f43cd7cdfe01730 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\FRONT_OF.ROL size 2271274 crc abbfbbe1 md5 7fb84af0be44965ecc2b77ae39b5439e )
   rom ( name MEDIA\GAPUZ.GJD size 1455874 crc cc456ef1 md5 c44420ddb0de5d9b5f6be588a2e45626 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\HEY_COND.ROL size 3917472 crc 218c030e md5 64fccec76727ac957f4d12420cf5b0f8 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\HTPUZ.GJD size 964833 crc 657447f7 md5 f890ac4363a974704cfd7ac950e2ecc6 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\INTROCOM.GJD size 6875805 crc cad3a410 md5 3d7188c2168a6934392fb818f783cd07 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\INTROD1.GJD size 6437077 crc 0699559c md5 eb1af79c2b718a60eda1b028c1896c45 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\JHPUZ.GJD size 22021848 crc b4b679a9 md5 748d20006bdfedb61fb52aa30dbb7a52 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\KIPUZ.GJD size 4809766 crc cbf1d338 md5 252f2222849797f43b09b3496e233971 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\KXPUZ.GJD size 23647913 crc 7bb1c38c md5 82a8661ec5261a74d345bd87d02b6f9a )
   rom ( name MEDIA\LAPUZ.GJD size 17496880 crc d18dab7f md5 d1e98f08c39bcb696dc7758e29b381bd )
   rom ( name MEDIA\LIPUZ.GJD size 10337648 crc 1bcfea43 md5 e75a9debab4013011eb3fcbb7fcb115b )
   rom ( name MEDIA\MBPUZ.GJD size 1158041 crc 461c930b md5 66f99db64765d37d4cc71f76579061f7 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\MRDEATH.ROL size 6181746 crc 9d9010d4 md5 147aa0160316c6e5fb412515fab87730 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\MUPUZ.GJD size 10879786 crc 03a530bc md5 f569e25d160e4495cd0ff5663610099c )
   rom ( name MEDIA\NAV2.GJD size 28355090 crc 8a6535d9 md5 55531f84364fe5fbccdd0e065538d939 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\NAV3.GJD size 62783170 crc 7a997baf md5 cd1a30d87d0685bceb2c0471cdca6cf2 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\NUPUZ.GJD size 9867877 crc 187e87b6 md5 b5f57ecadf2c6108e3538560489bb68d )
   rom ( name MEDIA\OMOD1.GJD size 8987466 crc 0898f969 md5 b037f3e448f0ec40588fcf07998cb34d )
   rom ( name MEDIA\OMOD2.GJD size 13807726 crc c0bebc6f md5 86be991c1bbd0fd68ca8be290bc3d16f )
   rom ( name MEDIA\OMOD3.GJD size 18631094 crc 7108e7be md5 b7806e441d993220e666b5a514e505d1 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\OMOD4.GJD size 34414155 crc 11d60185 md5 761ab522185e47558a78a3a3ef83debd )
   rom ( name MEDIA\OMOD5.GJD size 11226290 crc cf08f2f2 md5 74c200965e301bd1beb3caff61726441 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\PGPUZ.GJD size 995458 crc 8853f560 md5 a0224283560a4e16e00acfc3d753068a )
   rom ( name MEDIA\RTPUZ.GJD size 14433730 crc 25e33897 md5 b58742890dfaa4678ceabc4f57608774 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\TH_MUSIC.GJD size 401798 crc d263d952 md5 0fbe3c6d704def5629a82ec35536b5f0 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\THEGAME.ROL size 1599906 crc 598bd6ad md5 677ca715fa8ba232022407bf8343163a )
   rom ( name MEDIA\ZCLAN.GJD size 20454932 crc c926fd52 md5 69373fcdbbc83391dc1b7083758b6bbb )
   rom ( name MEDIA\ZFATROLS.GJD size 61686042 crc bb63c28a md5 67133acb8b5e8535472677aae2ca6806 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\ZMAKD1.GJD size 63551523 crc 87abc6b9 md5 b2b9dd4cff68367a2b97863709918e60 )
   rom ( name MEDIA\ZMAKD2A.GJD size 104125523 crc ecccbb82 md5 710be0aef557d8a3361ca1fa08a0c55d )
   rom ( name MEDIA\ZMAKD2B.GJD size 72088094 crc dd966766 md5 dc5281cc0177049a84e802e6dd396063 )
  rom ( name TBYTE11H size 0 crc - )


clrmame Discussion / Re: Dir2Dat question
« on: 12 September 2015, 18:54 »
as far as I remember, no...just one folder plus its subfolders....

I thought  "Use Dir2D at Paths" option in Dir2Dat was for that?

I just edited my post to make it a bit more clear. I was using 9.38 which OxyAndy said is a version that definitely does NOT work.

from memory 9.22 doesn't support renames. (but I would need to test to confirm, but wont be testing)
simple test anyway..
In CMP 'Compressor settings' tick rename, go out of those settings ,
then return (Rename now unticked ?) then that 7z.exe does not support renames, CMP tests it and unticks if test fails.
If still ticked then obviously renames are supported by the cmd line 7z.exe you specified..
9.28a does indeed work perfectly..
But, some of us use a different version of 7z (Installed GUI) such as 9.38 in \Program Files\7z (9.38 definitely fails with t7z archives)
End result we want  all CMP 'updated' archives in t7z format.
So, we force CMP to use 9.28a by actually dropping 7z.exe (9.28a) into CMP program's folder,
set CMP's 7z strings to force LZMA (LMZA2 is default otherwise) and force lowest compression (mx=0) cause we want CMP to do it's work quickly,
because once CMP has done it's task, we then manually "Send Folder" to t7z.exe to recompress only the 'updated archives',
end result = full 'updated' t7z'ed set

Actually, the tick test is incorrect, because I have 9.38 of 7z.exe and when I tick the box, exit clrmamepro and then start it again and look under settings its still ticked, which means either 9.38 works (which I doubt) or the tick test has a bug in the code. (upon further testing, its only if I specify my path \Program Files\7z\7z.exe that the tick mark stays.)

Also, is 9.28 some weird release that was never official? I couldn't find it off either sourceforge or the 7z.org website. All i see is 9.20, 9.21, 9.22 and then 9.34. I had to google it and download it. Look at the screenshot..

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