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clrmame Discussion / Re: CLRMamePro + TOSEC Rompaths
« on: 31 December 2016, 18:45 »
Does this method still work, and if not what is the last version where it did work? I do not have an older version of clrmamepro to try it and it appears the "Datfile folder" option creates an extra subdirectory with 4.031c.

(Apologies for the bump, just found this after my post about the batch mode subdirectories using datfile folder option)

I don't know if I have something configured incorrectly or if this is a bug...

First, I load new dat files in batch mode with no rompaths set. I set the rompath naming option to be "Datfile folder". Then when I run the scan, the last rompath subdirectory is duplicated in the path.

For example:
Dat file: /datfiles/Console/NES/datfilename.dat
Rom path set: /Console/NES/NES

Any idea if there is an easy fix to this issue?

Update: After tinkering with a few other options, it looks like this may be working as intended according to the description... but I cannot think of a scenario where this is useful. I think its much more useful to just mirror the datfile directory structure instead of tacking on an extra subdirectory.

Unless there is a setting I am overlooking, the only other option looks like renaming all of my datfiles to the appropriate subdirectory name and using the "Datfile file" option instead.

I noticed that clrmamepro always tends to take the user back to whatever folder contains the loaded DAT after any action with the profiler. For example I organize my DATs by type and system, so I have nested folders like "Console -> Nintendo - NES".

Lets say I want to add a few new DATs, so I navigate to the respective folder in the cmpro left nav, and drop it in. However as soon as thats done it takes me back to whatever folder contains the currently loaded dat. Is this intentional to take the user away from the last place they navigated to after they add a dat?

Well, it appears that its an issue with the way t7z archives are packed. It worked ok with an archive I packed with 7z 9.38 with LZMA 96 LC4. Any idea why this is?

I know T7Z is a pain to deal with, but unfortunately a ton of people use it and store their sets in T7Z format.

Looks like 7z.exe version 9.22 is the only one that works properly with this version of clrmamepro when scanning torrent7zip archives.

I keep getting errors that clrmamepro cannot remove files from .7z archives that were packed with torrent7zip outside of clrmamepro.

I tried using 4.017 with 7z.exe version 9.20, 9.28, and 9.38. None of them work.

I then tried using clrmamepro 4.014b with 7z.exe version 9.28 and it works fine. Any thoughts?

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