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clrmame Discussion / Re: DOS window popup with CHD deepscan
« on: 21 November 2013, 11:56 »
Thanks for the reply. I wanted to check if I could find something in the logs about the stuck window, but I haven't had the time yet.

The popup windows would not need to be completely hidden, but if they could be started minimized (without taking focus from the active app window, like when I'm typing something in Word), that would be great.


clrmame Discussion / DOS window popup with CHD deepscan
« on: 14 November 2013, 09:46 »
When I run a full scan with uncompressing and verification of CHD's enabled, a DOS window pops up with the chdman.exe execution for each CHD. Is it possible to either keep 1 initial DOS window open which you could put in the background where it would stay or to make each new DOS windows start in the background?

I also had 1 window showing a chdman execution stuck at 0%. The rest of the scan continued after I closed that window. Could be a nice feature to have a timeout or activity check maybe, so the scan would kill the stuck window on its own.


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