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clrmame Discussion / Re: 4.010 not recognising files
« on: 23 February 2013, 18:53 »
That sorted it, thanks. I forgot I'd been playing with that when I was thinking about splitting up the dat.

Thanks for your help.

clrmame Discussion / Re: 4.010 not recognising files
« on: 23 February 2013, 18:38 »
No problem

clrmame Discussion / Re: 4.010 not recognising files
« on: 23 February 2013, 17:10 »
I'm uploading them now. Should be about an hour. Different files, same problem. But smaller, so won't take as long to upload :)

clrmame Discussion / [SOLVED] 4.010 not recognising files
« on: 23 February 2013, 09:58 »
I'm having issues with version 4.010 not recognising certain files.

First of all, it is refusing to verify files stored in 7z files.
Second, I decompressed a load of files and it is still refusing to match them. So, for example. My Datfile has the following lines:

Code: [Select]
<game name="My Game">
<description>My Game</description>
<rom name="myiso.cue" size="85" crc="c0d104ba" md5="70b3f623df5de7fa273c542d90ecc1ed" sha1="1e1623bfaeaefd0f9765db7260b53ac43362c6a0"/>
<rom name="track1.bin" size="59326848" crc="bfd8ab37" md5="61a735f3fdc08be9e8be459c254c7f95" sha1="ce5a882aec0b0b1760f08e145df543df790b4291"/>

The file I'm scanning has the following checksums:

Code: [Select]
Calculating hash of 59326848 bytes file `Y:\rebuild\track1.bin`...

SHA-160     : CE5A882AEC0B0B1760F08E145DF543DF790B4291
MD5         : 61A735F3FDC08BE9E8BE459C254C7F95
CRC-32      : BFD8AB37

As you see, everything matches. My scan takes 7 seconds. ClrMamePro skips over it right away, and clearly isn't even trying to scan it.

Any idea what the issue is?

Running 64bit. Y: is a network drive. It is rebuilding to another network drive. Some files are scanning fine. I think it is only 7zip files that are going wrong, and the files extracted from them. I will test from a local drive and update shortly.

Edit: Still not scanning the files when copied locally.

Edit 2: I should note that I am using the rebuilder. Not the scanner.

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