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General / help about clrmamepro options
« on: 12 November 2012, 13:00 »
Hi, first of all thanks for such wonderful tool, I started using it to update mame romsets - after having seen so,e tutorials - and it's fantastic.

I have mame and a huge collection of up-to-date roms which I'm trying to slim down and remove all missing broken, non-working titles from the folder.

After running the scanner I get a list of missing/broken titles but the delete/copy/move right-click options don't do anything, ideally I'd like to just move these away. Any help on why missing/incomplete move/delete/copy options are not working would be appreciated.

Also I'm a little confused about the .dat files, on some website I hear that I should just point to the mame exe and it'll deduce the dat from there, but on others website there are .dat availables for clrmamepro, what should I do?

Lastly I'd love ideally to remove all clones and non-english titles, so to slim down the collection, any suggestion on how to tackle this?

Thanks for your help

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