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Janet recovered korea bootleg of exciting soccer. KMRB(GRB) No.436
korea bootleg of alternate music

What music were used?
eruption - one way ticket
btw, in 80's era Koreans remember this adapted song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMDePis5Uzk
(another undumped korea bootleg sasuke & commander also starring this song at beginning)
Saturday Night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5brguWCG524
after 1st match, plays Korean national anthem

common game in 1984 korea arcade but all gone

Undumped Wiki / GALLAG 1983 PARK korea bootleg
« on: 13 May 2018, 10:30 »

It was GALLAG, bootleg of bootleg GALLAG 1982

Added in .155
Candory (Ponpoko bootleg with Mario)  [system11, The Dumping Union]

Undumped Wiki / Re: 30yk: Translation from Korean needed
« on: 14 May 2013, 16:55 »
Nane / Company


Multi Spin / Trivision


Un Cheon 2002 / Game IQ


Pocketball 97 / Ace International
Government officer miss-typed  "Ase"  :o in KMRB.


parterre or Ppateru
"parterre" is wrestling word. As you know korea was colonized by Japan, so some korean word still involved in Japanese.
A well known old wrestling commentaor used word "Ppateru (パーテル)". This game name is rather like Ppateru.
This is gamble game. "parterre" is not a favor.


Sip E Gi Un Su
Am I uploaded it before? This game seems to be a graphic hack of Hana Awase.


Quiz Hak Dang


Ga Wi Ba Wi Bo
Obviously I mentioned it before...  :'(


HomeRun! Baseball / Kukmin


Sim Li Quiz Choi Chong Bun Seok / Duksan Trading


Choki! Choki! / Mijin Semicon
World version Already in Mame


Wit master / Hanil


Puzzle Yo Haeng / Barko


Toppy & Rappy
World version Already in Mame


Jok Gu


Hana Dul Sat


To Chong Bi Kyul / Karam




Yut noli 2


Fantasy Story


DoJun! OX Survival / Uniana
Uniana is former Unico.
http://www.uniana.com/company/history.asp you can find some English about Unico games.


Millennium 7


Chat A Bwa


Changgu Neun Mot Mal Ryo (Aka Crayon Shinchan in japan)


Sam Dan


Ak O Ak O Dae Chak Cheon (Aka Wani Wani Panic in japan)


Byok Dol


Se Gye Yo Haeng

I will translate it later, it's am 2:00  :D

Sorry I don't have real game pics about it. But I got a real evidence of it was existed.

Before post, I mentioned about "Minister of Health and Social Affairs" in Korea. This government organization existed in 1955 to 1994.
Anyway, civil servants thought arcade games was a social affairs at that time. Until 1984, all arcades business was not legal. But markets grow bigger, and government made a law about management of arcade business.

The picture I attached is a brief of games that should place in arcade. This first law implys there are two types of arcade games. young and adult.
The first 93 games are adult games. Next 141 games are for young. The measure of this is... The game uses joystick or keyboard.
So 141 games refer they are MSX, apple PC, or so-called "educational PC" games that uses a z80 cpu with basic existed at that time.
In the 93 games MAME support all games that listed. but for the korean name, No 6. "깐돌이" is a famous korean hack of ponpoko.

In my memory The game "Kkandori" was
1. Ponpoko replaced Mario in Donkey Kong.
2. The mysterious jar occurs E.T. (Yes, the Spielberg's)
3. Enemies replaced U.F.O.
4. Platform is replaced like Donkey Kong. But White like Ponpoko.

And the next that I post is the last goverment document existed internet. Today's post lists arcade games exist in korea until 1984.
The KMRB documents begins in 1989. I got the list(excel form) about 1984-1989 and found out only graphic hacks. I will post it later.

Undumped Wiki / Re: 30yk: Translation from Korean needed
« on: 21 February 2013, 02:45 »
Sorry for delay. I was also busy because of the beginning of the year.

The game name is called "Sip Jang Saeng" , 십장생, means "the ten traditional Symbols of Longevity"



this is 7. 1. 1985 one korean newspaper advertisement.

The company Ko Bong (full company name is Ko Bong Sil Up) advertising their new Personal computers using for arcade.

You may not able to understand korean so lets see cores. one logo is typed DAEWOO and in the letter IQ 1000 exist. Yes, Their MSX PC is DAEWOO IQ 1000. The reason of I rember the company is I saw the cabinet had a Big letter of "Ko Bong Sil Up".  As the advertise says they use Korea Standard 15mm plywood arcade cabinet , surely it was used for arcade. And their lawful MSX PC is costs $200+.

------------------------Now this is my brain (but true)-------------------------------
The MSX have coin-op and it remembers how many coin inserted in (maybe MSX bios level). Almost this cabinets have 2-3 cartridges. The boot up MSX screen it has "동전:0" or "coin:0" after a short time the game shows demo of each game shortly. (It is alike MVS multi cartriges.)

Now let's insert a coin, the MSX go back to bios logo and shows "동전:1" or "coin:1" and goto... MSX BASIC. (I used paintbrush to my imagination.)
We(koreans) could use MSX BASIC in the arcade.... but time was so old no one knows about that and it was very hard 8 years old kid to type "call game". Later version changed typing "call game" to just "F1"

After typing "call game" a new screen shows to choose a game. If coin inserted more than one, it shows additional option of "BASIC" so can return to MSXBASIC... and should type "call game" again.

A MSX clone bios IQ-1000 DPC-100(?)(korea) Ko Bong Bios is not dumped.
I was about to inform you undumped list before KMRB korea arcade. I have whole lists of them but I should remove foreign games and this annoying MSX games. And, it was the history about korea black market of arcade.

until 1983, all korea arcade was illegal, count similar as prostitution. But in 1983, arcade can be legal buying government approved educational PC with tax.


In the result my "before KMRB lists" have too many MSX games. But this side story is should known because my next post explain Korea "Minister of Health and Social Affairs" it is alike "Department of Health and Human Services" in US.

Anyway the company "Ko Bong Sil Up" suspiciously bankrupted. Later the chairman found a new company. The company is notorious "COMAD".

-------  Additional info ------

I found a picture of broken SunA msx board. (see the right side.)
The owner seems to regret about he broke the roms. This is another version.

Undumped Wiki / Re: Boon-ga Boon-ga???????????????
« on: 28 November 2012, 04:11 »
http://www.grb.or.kr/download/GameImage/2000/2000-A0357.jpg (MAME already support)

unlike the game name, korean says the japanese "Kancho"" as "Ddong Chim" (googleing "ddong chim" will be found more)

the real korean means of "boong ga boong ga" is a slang of "a male pet try to intercourse with other(even male) pet" and more but...
(Una descrizione più dettagliata verrà omessa)

And "Kancho", there is a korean biscuit brand named "Kancho", this biscuit will not welcome in Japan. In fact this is a copy of Meiji's "Hello Panda" and more title says "attack ass"

Undumped Wiki / Undumped KMRB game list through NO. 1601-1700
« on: 11 November 2012, 08:43 »
Jol Up Jeung Myung Seo(School Variety)
Bunch of mini games.

Championship Do Jeon! Myun Heo  (Dooyong)

Snow Pop  (Dooyong)

Super soldier

"Super soldier" and "Byung jung no li" is rip off of maikobana.

Undumped Wiki / Undumped KMRB game list through NO. 1701-1800
« on: 11 November 2012, 07:46 »
Bingo Carnibal

Last Week I visited Busan for see Gstar2012 global(?) game exhibition. nothing interesting, but after the exhibtion when I have a dinner at a restaurant found a korea version of Head Panic.
Picture is very bad because I didnt have a camera that time and used a broken cell phone camera. I can't import this picture to my PC, so I pictured it again. anyway this pic shows the intro is korean.

(upload is full so I cant upload picture here.... Link instead)

thanks, but oops i am 30yk not yk30...  :-[

Can I get 30yk instead of yk30? I found my mail and notice I was registered such that name.

Undumped Wiki / Undumped KMRB game list through NO. 1901-2000
« on: 22 October 2012, 04:31 »
korean games are Karian cross, Black Touch 96, World Star, Worldstar, ???, Homerun, Sono Kong, Ultra Balloon, Comeback To To, 2000 Spin, Spark, Gals Pinball, Domino Block, Classic Gold, 96 Flag Rally, Hatch Catch 2, Domino Block 2, 3x3 Puzzle (Promat), Elfin (Barko), 2002 Gawi Bawi Bo Quiz, Victor 5, Samulnory, Se gye yo haeng and World Cup Korea V.

Whole list of all which undumped wiki does not have.


??? (I. M. Corporation)
manual says it is "12 animals"

Homerun (Miho)

Sono Kong (SamWon)

Comeback To To
looks like snow bros.

2000 Spin


Classic Gold
4 in 1.

96 Flag Rally

Hatch Catch 2
magical drop like...

3x3 Puzzle (Promat)

Elfin (Barko)
Barko(1996) is not listed.

2002 Gawi Bawi Bo Quiiz
like domino block, this game also rip off some japan Hentai game brand "ELF".

Victor 5


Se gye yo haeng

World Cup Korea V

It seems grb.or.kr does not link whole their DB with old KMRB manuals. But maybe web server have whole images of them.
I got number 642 to 2515 some years ago. but try to download http://www.grb.or.kr/download/GameImage/19??/제????호.jpg for more chance.

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