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Wow !!!!!!   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thank you so much !!

It perfectly work, that is really amazing, my romset is now 100% accurate :-)

Thanks again  8) 8) 8) I really appreciate


Oh, thanks, I understand   8)

I always thinked that the matching was only done with a CRC overlap search between the DAT and the roms ...

Pending a possible solution in a next release, do you know if a workaround is possible ?

FYI, the issue was encountered on the "SNK Neo-Geo CD - Games (TOSEC-v2011-02-26_CM)" DAT, with 7 sets non recognized on a total of 90 ..

Thank you  ;D



I'm facing an issue using Crlmamepro 4.xx (32/64bits) ...

Using the Scanner feature, few of my sets are not recognized (Missing+Uneeded vs. Wrong name) if they do not have the right set name (Rebuilder still recongnize and rename the set)

After trying to isolate the issue, it seems (but not 100% sure) that it is related to same roms (size+crc) into the same set (basicly same .wav tracks of a Tosec Iso set)

You can find in the next link the cropped DAT+SET to reproduce the issue :

Thank for you help :-)


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