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clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.027 released
« on: 28 January 2016, 13:16 »
Thanks for the reply Roman, as said I am sure it isn't Clrmame, never even crossed my mind it would. I did a complete new setup of it and re-entered the rom paths etc, rescanned mame and I know something must have been wrong with the old setup because it started to backup lots of little files that it said were un needed and when I checked the MAME without those sets it said it was fine and the games ran.

But again as it got to add roms it crashed and the exe was removed, I turned off ZoneAlarms Real Time protection and Clrmame again shutdown while trying to add roms and again the exe was removed.

I'm wondering if its the Windows Defender doing its own thing...

Such a weird issue, have used Clrmame since you created it and apart from the odd teething problem its been great, never ever has it done what I've been seeing today :)

I came on here more for idea's to check...


clrmame Discussion / Re: clrmamepro 4.027 released
« on: 28 January 2016, 09:24 »
Just updating MAME and a few seconds after Clrmame starts fixing files it shuts down and the clrmame exe gets deleted, doing it on both 32 and 64bit versions. All update files for mame were 7zipped so I made sure both dll's were valid and from the 7Zip official site, of which they were. The clrmame update that came down today to update to this version was done internally but I also checked here to make sure it was a match to here and it was.

I'm sure its not Clrmame but any idea's, I use ZOnealarm free version as a virus checker and I do regular scans but its odd, I'm not getting a pop up from it to remove the clrmame exe, it just gets removed after it shuts down. I've scanned with other products and there's been no viruses found.

Not had this issue beforre today and the only things I've grabbed are the updates for mame, MameUI form its official site and the update to clrmame, plus the checking of the 7zip versions.

Weird..As said, the scan runs and its ok until it starts fixing files and then it just shuts down.

Yeah...most likely it's sample merging :)

Ack, I hate being old AND stupid...


Hi Roman..Here's what it says, the dropdown says the file(s) are unneeded..I have a feeling you won't need the sample set as I think its my error.

Set:   3 Bags Full (3VXFC5345, New Zealand)
Name:   3bagflnz
File:   D:\Arcade\Mame\samples\3bagflnz\tick.wav

Do you want to remove the file?


Ah, could this have something to do with the sample merge request I saw pop up when it was redoing the cache file with the latest release (today),  when I see these I just say yes to all as thats the default without really reading it.

Yes, stupid I know but the brain cells begin to die at my age :)

Let me guess, it does not need the file as its already all in the parent sample?

If yes them send me a virtual slap to the head and sorry for bothering you!

Hi Roman and Drp, sorry about the late return, real life and all that.

Yes I was importing the software lists, I didn't know what was best to do when I saw it and yes is normally the best answer on Clrmame :)

I'll clear the cache as said and do it that way until the new version.

Thank you for that answer.

One little extra, are the new samples that got usenet posted real as Clrmame spits them out but says they are missing. I put them back in and they get removed again.

My inclination would be to think they are incorrect but as they were posted to the mame binaries group and most things in there are correct I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for the help....

I don't know if its Clrmame, Mame or both as the new Mame builds seem to be playing havoc with Clrmame as of the last 3 releases.

What I've noticed apart from the confusing software list thing is that no matter how many times I run Clrmame since 145u1 its always offers to fix all the same Neogeo files even if its done it and shown it to be fine, the impact on time to scan is massive as it seems to be fixing every Neogeo file every time its ran.

Have I made an error is the setup, I've changed nothing for ages and its happily scanned the roms perfectly well. I set the fix to do for all as it seems the logical answer to the prompt.

Any idea's please Roman?

CoinOPS Discussion / Such a sad way to go..
« on: 16 October 2011, 17:11 »
It never amazes me more than when an emulation community goes to war on itself, it amazes me even more when an emulation author loses control and dedication to get involved in this, Dave of Final Burn did the same and he ended up leaving the community.

I offered to help doing a simple job, putting the emulator around a bit faster and it was greeted with almost a 'so what', BP said he does not release the emulator and if it gets passed on then that's down to others. Now I'm not  major player in the community, some will know me from FAQ and support of numerous emulators 8bit wise other will have no idea and why should they but when someone offers help to spread an emulator that is claimed to be sabotaged etc it seems odd.

Ace on the other hand was great, I was given access and was quite happy to do my little bit and then there was another series of rants about dumping the emulator etc etc...

Its like a paranoia of sort....

So, people like me can't be arsed to do my little bit because I don't have a clue what is happening with the emulator and what might change every 5 mins. I simply offered to help others and keep it up to date, I don't even use it, my daughter does, I like it but it wasn't for me.....

Never seen a situation where an emulation person can't be arsed to keep the followers spot up to date, how hard was a link to be made by him...

Totally strange....

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