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clrmame Discussion / Re: New Feature Request
« on: 27 August 2011, 21:04 »
what about optionally filtering on the "ismechanical" attribute in the -listxml output?
Its not perfect but its better than nothing.

clrmame Discussion / New Feature Request
« on: 27 August 2011, 20:14 »
Hi Roman and everyone else,

I like quickly being able to make sure I have a full set of MAME roms, however I am only interested in arcade video games and will never want to mess with pintables or fruit machines.

Since pintables and fruit machines got added to MAME, there are like a million romsets that we now have to download to stop clrmamepro identifying them as missing, even though there are apparently no plans to have MAME emulate slots or pintables playably anytime soon.

It would be great if clrmamepro could have an extra list to differentiate by basic machine type, say a simple list of checkboxes, one for each of "Video Games", "Fruit/Slot Machines", "Pinball" (and eventually maybe "Consoles" for if the devs merge MESS and MAME together), so that if you want those extra sets, then you can check the boxes and clrmamepro will check for them too (like it does now).

Unless the checkbox for the machine type is ticked, clrmamepro should completely ignore all romsets of that machine type just as if MAME doesn't need or even know about those sets. If they are already in the roms directory, then they get moved out to the backup directory just like other unknown files. That way, our roms directories can be smaller and without clrmamepro indicating missing sets.

Whatdya think?

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