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Actually,  I'll post an excerpt,  it's a *really* big file.

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\3wonderu.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\3wonderu] [right: 3wondersu]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\64streej.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\64streej] [right: 64streetj]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\99lstwra.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\99lstwra] [right: 99lstwara]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\99lstwrk.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\99lstwrk] [right: 99lstwark]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aceattaa.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aceattaa] [right: aceattaca]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\actfanc1.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\actfanc1] [right: actfancr1]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\actfancj.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\actfancj] [right: actfancrj]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\airbusb.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\airbusb] [right: airbustrb]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\airbustj.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\airbustj] [right: airbustrj]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensy1.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensy1] [right: aliensynjo]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensy2.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensy2] [right: aliensyn2]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensy3.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensy3] [right: aliensyn3]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensyn1.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aliensyn1] [right: aliensynjo]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aligatun.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aligatun] [right: aligatorun]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\alphaona.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\alphaona] [right: temptube]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeaj1.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeaj1] [right: altbeastj1]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeaj3.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeaj3] [right: altbeastj3]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeas2.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeas2] [right: altbeast2]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeas4.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeas4] [right: altbeast4]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeas5.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeas5] [right: altbeast5]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeasj.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\altbeasj] [right: altbeastj]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aquajckj.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\aquajckj] [right: aquajackj]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arabiamj.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arabiamj] [right: arabianmj]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arabiamu.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arabiamu] [right: arabianmu]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\archriv2.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\archriv2] [right: archrivl2]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknid2u.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknid2u] [right: arknoid2u]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknoidj.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknoidj] [right: arkanoidj]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknoidu.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknoidu] [right: arkanoidu]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknoiuo.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\arknoiuo] [right: arkanoiduo]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\astdelu1.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\astdelu1] [right: astdelux1]

wrong name: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\astdelu2.zip [wrong: C:\Users\Ry\Desktop\MameUI64\roms\astdelu2] [right: astdelux2]


Zaxxon (set 3) [folder: zaxxon3 - parent: zaxxon - sampleparent: zaxxon - size: 105kb]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon2) rom: j214a2.72 [size: 256] [CRC32: a9e1fb43] [SHA1: 57dbcfe2438fd090c08594818549aeea6339eab2]

Zaxxon (Japan) [folder: zaxxonj - parent: zaxxon - sampleparent: zaxxon - size: 105kb]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: mro_16.u76 [size: 256] [CRC32: 6cc6695b] [SHA1: 01ae8450ccc302e1a5ae74230d44f6f531a962e2]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon2) rom: mro_17.u41 [size: 256] [CRC32: a9e1fb43] [SHA1: 57dbcfe2438fd090c08594818549aeea6339eab2]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom10.u60 [size: 8192] [CRC32: a95e61fd] [SHA1: a0f8c15ff75affa3532abf8f340811cf415421fd]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom11.u59 [size: 8192] [CRC32: eaf0dd4b] [SHA1: 194e2ca0a806e0cb6bb7cc8341d1fc6f2ea911f6]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom12.u60 [size: 8192] [CRC32: 1c5369c7] [SHA1: af6a5984c3cedfa8c9efcd669f4f205b51a433b2]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom13.u61 [size: 8192] [CRC32: ab4e8a9a] [SHA1: 4ac79cccc30e4adfa878b36101e97e20ac010438]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom14.u54 [size: 2048] [CRC32: 07bf8c52] [SHA1: 425157a1625b1bd5169c3218b958010bf6af12bb]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom15.u55 [size: 2048] [CRC32: c215edcb] [SHA1: f1ded2173eb139f48d2ca86c5ef00acbe6c11cd3]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxonb) rom: zaxxon_rom2.u12 [size: 8192] [CRC32: c088df92] [SHA1: c0c6cd8dcf6db65129980331fa9ecc3800b63436]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom4.u68 [size: 8192] [CRC32: a5bf1465] [SHA1: a8cd27dfb4a606bae8bfddcf936e69e980fb1977]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom5.u69 [size: 8192] [CRC32: 0a5bce6a] [SHA1: a86543727389931244ba8a576b543d7ac05a2585]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom6.u70 [size: 8192] [CRC32: 6e07bb68] [SHA1: a002f3441b0f0044615ce71ecbd14edadba16270]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom7.u57 [size: 8192] [CRC32: 6284c200] [SHA1: d26a9049541479b8b19f5aa0690cf4aaa787c9b5]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom8.u58 [size: 8192] [CRC32: 28d65063] [SHA1: e1f90716236c61df61bdc6915a8e390cb4dcbf15]
missing but fixable (-> zaxxon) rom: zaxxon_rom9.u59 [size: 8192] [CRC32: 7e42691f] [SHA1: 2124363be8f590b74e2b15dd3f90d77dd9ca9528]

Zoku Otenamihaiken (V2.03J) [system: Taito GNET - folder: zokuoten - size: 5mb]
missing set: Zoku Otenamihaiken (V2.03J)
missing chd: zokuoten.chd [chd-sha1: 5ce13db00518f96af64935176c71ec68d2a51938]

Zooo (V2.01J) [system: Taito GNET - folder: zooo - size: 5mb]
missing set: Zooo (V2.01J)
missing chd: zooo.chd [chd-sha1: e275b3141b2bc49142990e6b497a5394a314a30b]

?Sets                 1792/8381
?Roms                 12347/122217
?CHDs                 188/414
?Samples              317/2267
?Bytes                3gb/74gb

Fixed Wrong Case
?Sets                 0/0
?ROMs                 0/0
?CHDs                 0/0
?Samples              0/0

Fixed Unneeded
?Sets                 0/4
?ROMs                 0/85
?CHDs                 0/0
?Samples              0/1

Fixed Wrong Name
?Sets                 0/709
?ROMs                 0/717
?CHDs                 0/1

Fixed Wrong Size
?ROMs                 0/0

Fixed Wrong Date Time
?ROMs                 0/0

Wrong Hashes
?Wrong CRC32 ROMs     0
?Wrong SHA1 ROMs      0
?Wrong MD5 ROMs       0
?Wrong SHA1 CHDs      0
?Wrong MD5 CHDs       0

Corrupt Containers    0


Active Sets           8381/8381
?Parents              1753/1753
?Clones               3988/3988
?Others               2594/2594
?BIOS                 46/46

Active ROMs           122217/122217
?Parents              26564/26564
?Clones               60952/60952
?Others               32694/32694
?bad dumps            616/616
?no dumps             1228/1228
?verified dumps       0/0
?BIOS                 163/163

Active CHDs           414/414
?Parents              58/58
?Clones               84/84
?Others               190/190
?bad dumps            34/34
?no dumps             48/48
?verified dumps       0/0
?BIOS                 0/0

Active Samples        2267/2267
?Parents              398/398
?Clones               1521/1521

Active Bytes          74gb/74gb


I'm new to Clrmamepro,  read through the documentation and followed the steps.  Ran a new scan, and fixed all of the problems noted.  Before running Clr I had 170 roms fail audit,  after I had 397.  I'm not sure what I did wrong?

Mame Rom details
I have gone through a full set and deleted a significant number of roms I am not interested in, so the set isn't 100%
I have a significant number of .chd games for which I do not have .chd's for,  as I am not interested in them,  so the audit always triggers on those.
I am not certain all of the .chd's have been corrected from the recent change a couple of revisions back,  I redownloaded them all,  but I think a couple still need fixed,  haven't gotten that far yet.

Clrmamepro details
Default settings for profiler
Pointed at Mame 135.u3 binary
Also pointed at the 135.u3 Rename.dat file

Default settings for the scan,  except checked all of the "Fix" boxes.

It seems that Clr is creating new versions of some of the files I deleted.  I took care to not create situations where I deleted a parent but not the child,  so it shouldn't be an issue there,  it seems to be trying to recreate some files where I deleted both?

I will post logfile in next post,  don't want to congest one post with unnecessary info.

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