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Thanks for the new code Roman!
Looking good so far!

I think I have found a bit of an oddity though. Scanned the new mameui .267 with clmpro & the new nameless scanner.
This popped up in the Greyhound Trivia games, set 7a to be exact.
Besides finding a possible extra "." in the source, it makes this happen(at least for me, maybe I'm doing something wrong):

I can have 1 scanner remove the "." to make it correct but then the other complains about not having a "." and I can go back & forth adding/removing "."s for as long as I like...
Is it something to do with the character "." itself or something else in the new scanner?

Also a couple of suggestions for the ui version:
-For the output/warning window at the bottom...you've got it sizeable but it only pulls down the top main issues window.
Can you make that lower window able to be re-sized also?
-Besides editing the settings file by hand, is there a way to delete the saved I/O paths? (Maybe I'm missing something simple?)

Thanks again for taking the time to do all this.

clrmame Discussion / Re: loveber3cn Missing Set ARXMAX
« on: 05 June 2022, 05:15 »
When CMP goes back to check the parents status might it bypass(internally) the chd rule and look for the chd in the parent to see if IT is complete?
Then, without its chd, CMP would mark the parent as missing/incomplete, and without a chd or any other unique files to fall back on, lovber3cn cannot be complete or even there?
Just a thought...

clrmame Discussion / Re: Cmpro "misplaced a romset" !?
« on: 05 June 2022, 02:33 »
Those are all systems, not roms.
They should be in your "software" folder & unpacked since that zip is probably already full of zipped files for the system...

clrmame Discussion / Re: Continued from MAMEWorld...
« on: 20 March 2021, 02:07 »
FWIW this tells you a little about what was there at some point.
That's my original CMP folder from 2007.
Obviously though I did not correctly uninstall the 32bit version back in 2008 when I upgraded to the 64 bit version & must have just deleted things as I felt fit to do...(Bad me...)
So there were some remnants left behind, but none have given me any trouble until now if that was the cause &
I honestly don't think I've looked in detail at that folder since upgrading until now, never needed to except to look through the backup folder maybe a few times...
Also my update started working before it auto-installed that 32 bit version.
Here's the entirety of the folder in case that might help...   http://prntscr.com/10qgj3t

Thanks again...


clrmame Discussion / Re: Continued from MAMEWorld...
« on: 19 March 2021, 02:54 »
As much as I'd like to say it worked & you fixed it, I can't say for sure. Last night I was still messing with getting the update to work to no avail.
But then the last thing I did was turned off the Auto Refresh of the WWW DATS in the profiler in the .ini ( Pro_AutoWWWUpdate = off ), restarted CMP & hit Update and it checked. Why that would have done anything I haven't a clue. It said there was an update available & I hit yes so fast I didn't get to see the version # it said I had & it downloaded & installed 4041. I said yes save a copy of the file(luckily). It then said my version is up to date & it's still working tonight. Don't know why or how but it is working again...
Now the next weird thing...I looked at the file it saved & it was the 32 bit version but I had been running the 64 bit version.
So I downloaded the 64 bit zip & overwrote the exe & all is well again it seems.
Even though it probably doesn't confirm anything now that mine is working, I did d/l your 1.0 & updated again through that and it worked fine.

I did find 1 other small suggestion for you, when the profiler is doing a database update, you can get an error that says something about either you stopped the process or the exe is corrupt, well, it might be nice to also add in there that the disk maybe full or lack of space on drive too...
That drove me nuts for a few minutes last night too! LOL

I'll keep checking this update thing on here & try the other exe if it does stop working again & let you know. If not I'm sure Sune or 1 of the others on MameWorld with the same problem would be happy to help you out too.

Wish I had something more concrete to help you out with.
Thanks again!

clrmame Discussion / Re: Continued from MAMEWorld...
« on: 18 March 2021, 01:39 »
Thanks Roman.

I understand & I should have realized the difference in the 2. Just didn't think through the processes of each.
Thanks for your time.

clrmame Discussion / Continued from MAMEWorld...
« on: 17 March 2021, 04:42 »
"WTH is up with that now?" Well, nothing really changed over the years and as I said (I know this doesn't help) 'it works for me, everywhere, everytime"

From users who had the problem I got information like "If you monitor the network you see that the server simply directly replies with a 403".
If I remember correctly, the lookup and download of information does 2 small http(s) requests. Maybe that's interpreted as too much traffic somewhere  or -since this only happens since emulab switched to https- something is bad there.
However the latter can be tested pretty easily....I could put the update files somewhere else and modify version64.ini to look it up on the new url.

Anyway...this should be continued on the cmpro forum.

In regard to the 2 small requests, if that were the problem then I would think that the Homepage & Donate link buttons shouldn't be working either.
But they do...

Setting up softwarelists paths in a combined profile is really a pain...yes...that's why I advice people to not use it (I actually already though of removing it).

Just a thought on an easier way to achieve this for a complete all-system software list scan. In the settings menu under the dropdown for ROM-Paths, Sample Paths & the like, add 1 for the Software Lists folder. Just use that as the main directory for all of the software list folders. When CLRMAMEPRO goes through that main folder, if a sub-directory matches a MAME software list, use it, if not, ignore it altogether. If someone has an oddly named folder , let them change that in the System list or simply add it as another directory either in the new Software List Folder window. The vast majority of people have things set up how MAME wants it "software/system-name/item-name" so that would cause the least amount of trouble I would think.

Get rid of the Auto-Assign, just use the user assigned Software List path to start in & then look for the MAME assigned folders in there.
Leave the System Button in there for the [Standard], [Mechanical], [Devices] & [Bios] directories. And either leave the [Soft] in there, put them under a different button, or get rid of them altogether & only allow the changes to be made under the NEW Software Lists dropdown in the Settings menu.

Just a couple of quick thoughts for you that don't seem like they'd be too difficult to do. But then again, I'm not the one who has to deal with the code!

Thanks for everything! You've made rom-life a lot easier for A LOT of people...

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