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clrmame Discussion / Can't Load / Update from MESS 0.226
« on: 21 November 2020, 16:59 »
Hi all,

Clrmamepro 4.038a

Trying to setup clrmamepro for use with mess (self compiled using: make PTR64=1 SUBTARGET=mess OSD=newui), I've created a profile and pointed it at my mess executable : G:\Emulate\mess-ui-225\mess64.exe, and set the emulator type to MESS.

However when I try and do Load/Update (says it's gonna run G:\Emulate\mess-ui-225\mess64.exe -listxml), after a couple of seconds it pops up a window that says : Set <no description>/<no setname> wasn't imported, clicking ok just repeats this no matter how many times I click OK, only way is to click cancel.

Oddly if from a command prompt I run G:\Emulate\mess-ui-225\mess64.exe -listxml it lists the sets as xml.

Any idea what the problem is?



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