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Hello gentlemen,

I am new to this and I have a problem with clrmamapro crashing:
When I try to rebuild a set and I hit the Rebuild-button to start it then a new dialog appears. Then after like 3 or 4 seconds of freeze clrmamepro just closes/disappears without any error message or something.

- This does only happen when I use ZIP-compression, it does work fine when using 7z
- sometimes I even works with ZIP-compression, I could not find out why. I *think* it works when first starting a run with 7z, then stopping that and then switch to ZIP and run again. I know, sounds strange...
- it happens with the latest official version as well as with the latest nightly
- I am on Windows 10 64bit
- when it happens the file cmpro.log is empty

This is my rebuild setting dialog:

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