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clrmame Discussion / Re: Wrong Name Issue
« on: 09 February 2017, 09:09 »
Most likely a difference in profiler->options->parse rom 'merge' tags. One installation got it enabled, one disabled.

That was it :)

Thanks for your help.


clrmame Discussion / Wrong Name Issue
« on: 09 February 2017, 03:54 »
Hi All,

I just upgraded my MAME (Arcade Only) ROMs to 0.182 (from 0.177) and everything was fine on my Son's desktop (latest version clrmamepro & Win 10) except for a few missing CHDs and a couple of missing ROMs. I then moved to my laptop (latest version clrmamepro & Win 10) as I store all my ROMs on an external HD and clrmamepro is now telling me that I have over 6800 incorrectly named ROMs?? The only real difference between the desktop and the laptop is the Drive Letter when I plug in the external HD (F on desktop, S on Laptop).

Below is an excerpt from the scan on my laptop:

Code: [Select]
Gekitsui Oh (Japan) [folder: gekitsui - parent: zerotrgt - size: 297kb]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct00.1c [wrong: ct00.1c] [right: cw00.c1]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct02.14c [wrong: ct02.14c] [right: cw02.c14]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct03.15c [wrong: ct03.15c] [right: cw03.c15]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct04.17c [wrong: ct04.17c] [right: cw04.c17]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct09.4j [wrong: ct09.4j] [right: cw09.j4]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct10.6j [wrong: ct10.6j] [right: cw10.j6]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct11.7j [wrong: ct11.7j] [right: cw11.j7]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct12.9j [wrong: ct12.9j] [right: cw12.j9]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct13.10j [wrong: ct13.10j] [right: cw13.j10]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct14.12j [wrong: ct14.12j] [right: cw14.j12]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct15.13j [wrong: ct15.13j] [right: cw15.j13]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\ct16.15j [wrong: ct16.15j] [right: cw16.j15]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\mb7052.6k [wrong: mb7052.6k] [right: 6301-in.k6]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\gekitsui\mb7118h.7k [wrong: mb7118h.7k] [right: mb7118h.k7]

Zero Target (World, CT) [folder: zerotrgta - parent: zerotrgt - size: 297kb]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct00.1c [wrong: ct00.1c] [right: cw00.c1]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct01-s.4c [wrong: ct01-s.4c] [right: cw01.c4]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct02.14c [wrong: ct02.14c] [right: cw02.c14]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct03.15c [wrong: ct03.15c] [right: cw03.c15]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct04.17c [wrong: ct04.17c] [right: cw04.c17]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct05.16h [wrong: ct05.16h] [right: cw05.h16]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct09.4j [wrong: ct09.4j] [right: cw09.j4]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct10.6j [wrong: ct10.6j] [right: cw10.j6]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct11.7j [wrong: ct11.7j] [right: cw11.j7]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct12.9j [wrong: ct12.9j] [right: cw12.j9]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct13.10j [wrong: ct13.10j] [right: cw13.j10]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct14.12j [wrong: ct14.12j] [right: cw14.j12]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct15.13j [wrong: ct15.13j] [right: cw15.j13]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\ct16.15j [wrong: ct16.15j] [right: cw16.j15]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\mb7052.6k [wrong: mb7052.6k] [right: 6301-in.k6]
wrong name: S:\ROMS\ROMS\zerotrgta\mb7118h.7k [wrong: mb7118h.7k] [right: mb7118h.k7]

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be??

Thanks in advance


PS: I'm also using the latest DAT file from progetto-SNAPS

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