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Perfect, CCT!  :) Many, many thanks!  :)

Honestly, I was not in good hope, that this was ever going to happen, but...
...wonders never cease!
The waiting was worth it!

If the files are uppercase or lowercase do not even matter in my special case as I am directly writing back only the binary data of each file and directly to the same position in that ISO-image (using an Hex-editor). The files names are stored in the TOC of the CD, which was luckily not damaged. So, my ISO will be really a 1:1 copy of my partially broken CD.

You all were wonderful fellows, supporting and helping me to solve my difficult problem.
Maybe even more people out there were reading my posts and for this checking their old CD-stuff...

Thanks to all of you unknown and very special thanks to CCT and Actarus. You are great!

Kind regards,

Dear Actarus,

many thanks again for your efforts and taken time ...
... and all your kindness in doing that for me during the past weeks and months.

I hold you in high regard.  Thank you a lot! :)

nothing,i have only 1.11 and 1.3

Many thanks for having a look, Actarus!
(For the reason stated in my 1st and 2nd post I need v1.6).

But you were helping me already a lot in finishing to rebuild my damaged ISO.  :)
I could replace the damaged parts of my ISO with your version of ClrMame by writing the files directly with an Hex Editor into the sectors.

So now just DatUtils 1.6 is missing (6 damaged files). One of the files is called "makefile" with the size of 294 bytes. I already found other versions of DatUtils (mostly newer) but the size of that file was always very different. If your version 1.3 should contain a makefile of that size (+/- 2 bytes for a CRLF) then this could help me.

Kind regards

WOW! That is absolutely fabulous!
Marvellous, Actarus!  ;D

Many many thanks for the ZIP-file and all your efforts!  :)

(Don't know what else is on that CD, but I am also still looking for DATutil v1.6 ... would be a dream!)

With kind regards (and many thanks again!)

I am really sorry for that.
Hope your damage is not too bad!

For me it's fine to wait until you can spare some time, even it might take a while ...
Again many thanks :)

Hi oxyandy,
many, many thanks in advance! That's very kind of you!  :)

Kind regards and best wishes for the new year,

Hi Roman,

Restoring important things is one thing....restoring an ancient cmpro version is another....why???

I was already expecting a question like that...  ;)

"Important" is a very subjective thing and may be irrelevant to another person.
Why do people collect / keep an MS-DOS 5.0?
I am aware that a recent version of ClrMamePro can handle my old ROMS, but that is not the point.

So why?
Because I would like to restore my old CD 1:1 and dislike to have a damaged CD in my collection (which is - in that case - "very important" as those CDs have a special meaning for me).

With kind regards,

Hello everyone,

I am looking for the accient version 1.94 of ClrMame Pro (from 2001) - preferred is the original ZIP, if anybody got this archived somewhere.

While I was browsing my old private MAME CDs (from 2001) I noticed that one of my CDs got bad blocks. Up to now (and some weeks of work) I could manage to restore everything 1:1 (that's my goal), except ClrMame v1.94 and DATutil v1.6.

I already searched the web and the Internet Archive but until now I was not successful.
For that I would be deeply grateful if someone still got this old versions and could upload them for me.

Many thanks in advance,

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