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I personally never met any issues with torrent7z and official 7z until today. But, you surely tested more cases than I ever did, so I won't doubt you. Cheers, and thanks for your very useful app ;)


The 7z files are actually torrent7zipped as I'm following the sets provided at the Pleasuredome. So yeah, it may be a retro compatibility issue.

Argh sorry, I've just updated my set to 0.168, so I don't have the few culprits anymore...
One of those 7z files was fightfev.7z from 0.167: clrmamepro told me that it couldn't delete some files from the archive. So it could read everything all right, it's when trying to fix a 7z file that it could raise a warning.

Well, if you can't reproduce the bug. Let's wait for next month when it'll be time to upgrade to 0.169. If I still have the bug, I'll be sure to save the problematic files so you can see what's wrong.

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro not compatible with 7zip 15.12
« on: 01 December 2015, 16:17 »
Hello there,

I tried to update from MAME 0.167 to 0.168 but I come across some 7-zip issues. I then installed 7-zip 9.20 and everything worked again. Is there anything to change in clrmamepro settings to make it work with 7z 15.12? Or are there some modifications required in clrmamepro source code?
In the compressor settings for 7z, I've put these:
- Compress [a -y -r -ms=off -mx9 %1 %2]
- Delete [d -y -ms=off -mx9 %1 %2]

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