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clrmame Discussion / Re: UHD and High DPI Bad GUI
« on: 03 October 2015, 01:18 »
Gday Roman

Its all perfect except for the stats screen is still showing small fonts in the new build such as the screenshot below

Im using the x64 build if that matters



clrmame Discussion / Re: UHD and High DPI Bad GUI
« on: 01 October 2015, 23:38 »
Brilliant thanks Roman

Ok the main toolbar is fixed in that version

Some cosmetic remanining items:

1. The profile screen to create and load profile, when it first comes up, the default winbow size is too small to do anyting useful as the GUI objects and bars are all jumpled together. A user needs to manually resize the window when its first run to be able to create and load a mame profile.
2. After scans, unfortunately the summary screen remains too small in font size and is unreadabe. Its cosmetic cos as you say, I can tell from the log for details.
3. The default window size of the log output from scans is kinda unnecessarily small and I think most users would manually resize the log output so they can read the details


So many thanks for supporting and coding this app. Its essential for any rom collection :)

clrmame Discussion / UHD and High DPI Bad GUI
« on: 01 October 2015, 08:17 »
Hi, many thanks for CLRmamepro its wonderful :)

Im running mame on a 65" curved UHD LED display. I run the desktop at 3840x2160@60Hz and since the display is 65" I have to set the DPI font scaling to 300% in windows 10, which is what Microsoft recommend for the display

Some of the GUI is readable in clrmamepro, other parts arent. Ive included URLs for you to see. The main clrmamepro gui is way too small, and when scanning with the results, the summary window is unreadable because it is too small. Other areas like the window showing the details of whats wrong with your chds, sets, roms etcetc is OK, same with the load / create profile window, and setting the paths window. I dont know why some windows are OK and some are not.



I have the latest version youve released to PROD. Thanks


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