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clrmame Discussion / Re: something to test
« on: 15 August 2015, 22:50 »
would be interesting to know if it still works on XP...

  cmpro.exe "is not a valid win32 application"  :(

obs .:
 was run on a Pentium 4 machine (not vitual),
 with windows XP Professional SP3 (clean instal w/ all last updates)

thank you for helping me Roman!  :)

some tips in your first reply, will help me make a selection with
the help of ClrMamePro and the rest, I will do manually!  :)

clrmame Discussion / Re: something to test
« on: 14 August 2015, 22:34 »
for windows 8.1 pro and server 2008 R2 standard, It seemed normal!
There is some procedure to test the clrmampro?!

ok, as I said before, my English is bad...
excuse me for it!  :(

"similar" means:

 Battletoads (Europe).zip
 Battletoads (Japan).zip
 Battletoads (USA).zip

are the same game! Not the same media!!!
when you're playing these games, you will do the same thing in each of them...
becuse each of them is the same game...
the only difference between them is the language used in each one.

I'm not referring to the MEDIA, but in the game...
They are identical GAMES in different medias.

I think this will help you to understand me:

if all the games, had the versions for all  standards languages
exemple - USA, Japan & Europe
it would be enough just to delete all the languages, that were not USA (for example).

but as there are not, if you delete all other language besides the USA,
you will lose a few games, that only exist in this particular language.

thank you for your feedback  :)

simple answer:
 because some roms are unique in language that are not the
 standard language (in my case the default language is USA)

example in Nintendo GameCube:

Asterix & Obelix XXL (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).7z
Battle Stadium D.O.N. (Japan).7z
Taxi 3 - Le Jeu (France).7z

I think was already understood the why!

actually, the first thing I did was exactly what you suggested soon after...
however, there is a small problem that goes unnoticed...
I would like to eliminate the similar roms and not to eliminate roms from other countries!!!

the subject of my is how to delete similar games in clrmamepro and
not how to delete games from other countries in clrmamepro.
note that there are roms of other countries, which are unique.
If you eliminate all languages and so leave the USA language (for example),
you will lose all unique/single roms of other languages.

Is not so simple (or so so easy), if were, I did not have asked that question here! :(

I imagined that with a full dat and a proper configuration in ClrMamePro, would be
possible to accomplish this task in various setups roms that several manufacturers have.

but I'm realizing that ClrMamePro, it is not so smart as it seems...
this "smart" is in the dat...
so, it is necessary to mount the dat, intelligently!

I think that is it!

(excuse me if I said something stupid, my English and
my inexperience with ClrMamePro, are very helpful for this to happen!!!

hello, my doubt is not to be applied in mame, but in
another roms  set such as: Nintendo NES or another one.

in NES collection have roms like

Battletoads (Europe).zip
Battletoads (Japan).zip
Battletoads (USA).zip

the 3 roms are the same game, but different country!

is there some smart way to delete the same roms
from different countries or or even roms clones?!

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