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AntoPISA already does individual dat files for most if not all of that content.

But has anyone ever timed the difference of the single all-in-one vs. the batchmode of the individual .dat files?

It seems to me there might be the difference of 200,000 x 200,000 tests vs 20 x 10,000 x 10,000 tests, since 40,000,000,000 > 2,000,000,000.  It might go up to 40 times faster.


Thanks for looking into this.  If I understand correctly, it is the massive number of "roms" in each "machine" of AntoPISA's AllProjects .dat file that clrmamepro must slog through in order to finish checking for any of the missing items.

What if the AllProjects .dat were to be subdivded into a smaller set of .dat files and sent through clrmamepro's batch mode?  Would that be likely to have an impact on performance regarding checking for missings?

I know I should probably test it myself, but I just thought I would check with you to see if you thought it could speed things up.


Compare the results when the "Missing" checkbox is checked on the Scanner dialog.

With it unchecked, no problem.  With it checked, the problem is apparent.

clrmame Discussion / Re: nodump tabulations
« on: 16 August 2015, 22:44 »
Yes, that works as expected, both kinds of nodumps are tabulated, and neither one creates a zero-length file.

Thank you so much for working this out.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Scanner leaves behind empty folders.
« on: 14 August 2015, 20:40 »
Great! thanks for fixing this.

I just tested this issue on the new release, it detects and removes the empty folder on plain .7z files.

It will also remove the empty folder on .t7z files, provided the version of 7-zip.exe is v 9.18 alpha, dated 2012-06-20.  When a newer version of 7-zip.exe is used, such as v 9.38 beta, dated 2015-01-03, the empty folder will be removed on plain .7z files, but not .t7z files.

This is no fault of clrmamepro, there is an issue with newer versions of 7-zip.exe.

So as far as I can tell, this issue is completely fixed.

clrmame Discussion / Re: nodump tabulations
« on: 14 August 2015, 20:39 »
Thank you very much for looking into this and fixing it.

I tested this on the new build, and I found it mostly works.  The part that works is that zero-length files are no longer created, which is good.

The part that doesn't quite work as expected is that some of the nodumps are no longer tabulated on the stats results of the scan.

I found that these lines created nodump tabulations:
    <rom name="cass" size="0" status="nodump" offset="0" />

And these lines did not create any nodump tabulations:
    <rom name="cass" status="nodump" offset="0" />

So that part is reversed, formerly the lines with the extra size="0" tags weren't counted and the plain nodump lines were.  in the new build, it's the lines with the extra size="0" tags that are being counted and the plain nodump lines are not.

If this is the intended behavior, just let me know.

clrmame Discussion / Re: Scanner leaves behind empty folders.
« on: 14 August 2015, 00:16 »
you might want to double check
Settings->Compressor->General->Mark useless folder structs as unneeded (Scanner only).
I try to generate a testcase for it to check it a bit more when I got some more time.

I'm trying to check these things maybe over the weekend. today was my oldest son's first day at school....so everybody is a bit tired ;-)
Congrats on your son's milestone.

Thanks for looking into this.  I've attached a copy of gbank.7z with the empty folder for your perusal.

I had forgotten it was there, so I have now double checked  the "Settings->Compressor->General->Mark useless folder structs as unneeded (Scanner only)."  But it was already set.

I'll try playing around with some of the other options while you are looking at it.  I'll check back next week unless I find something.

clrmame Discussion / Re: nodump tabulations
« on: 14 August 2015, 00:15 »

So yes, I will double check files with size=0 AND nodump flag....

clrmame Discussion / Scanner leaves behind empty folders.
« on: 13 August 2015, 15:33 »
This question is about how the scanner treats empty folders.

There is an option on the scanner that allows the user to check for unused files and fix (remove) them.  I have found that the scanner only checks for unused files and does not check for unused or empty folders.  This came up when re-scanning a set that formerly had a hash name collision, but was changed by a MAMEdev to have unique names.  clrmamepro moved the file to the new name in the root of the .7z file, but the folder it formerly occupied (now empty), was left in the .7z file.  I found I could add any number of empty folders to a .7z file, let clrmamepro scan it, with the "fix unused" checkbox set, and clrmamepro leaves them in the .7z file.  I suppose this behavior could be an artifact of the communication with the 7-zip.exe file as specified in the compressor properties dialog, but I thought I would ask about it in case it was something that is being overlooked.  I'm using 7-Zip [64] 9.38 beta.
The file I found that this happened to is "fm7_cass\gbank.7z" in the MAME Software Lists.
Of course the rebuilder does not have this issue, it only rebuilds what is necessary and never adds the empty folders.  Certainly a valid work-around is to rebuild everything each time MAME is updated.  But that's going to take a long time, as the .7z file handling takes so much longer than the .zip file handling.

Thanks for entertaining my questions.  I realize these points are minor, and I understand if they are low priority to address, or not even worth addressing.

clrmame Discussion / nodump tabulations
« on: 13 August 2015, 15:28 »
Hi, I'm a long-time clrmamepro user, but just recently joined the forum.

This question is about the way nodump ROMs are tabulated and created.

Is it intentional for clrmamepro to not tabulate status="nodump" files when there is a size="0" tag included?  I have found in the MAME Software List hash files folder that there is an xml file that declares a nodump on the same line as setting the size to zero.  The result is a zero length file included in the .zip file that is created for the set.  The .xml file I am talking about is "amiga_a3000.xml", the set is "amix11", the zero-length file is "cass".  Since the size is zero, the fact that the "cass" file is a nodump is apparently ignored (and not counted) for the summary seen at the end of the scan.
There are two other files where the same thing happens, apparently due to a MAMEdev specifying a size="0" on a status="nodump" line: "jupace_cass\m_valkyr.zip" and "jupace_cass\triplep.zip"
In other MAME Software Lists hash folder files, when status="nodump" is declared, and there is not a size specified, the nodump is tabulated on the scan in the normal way.  And of course, a zero-length file is not created.
Perhaps this is intentional because developers need to declare zero-length files as placeholders for parent/child sets, or something?  Or is it just an oversight?  A possible work-around would be to ask the MAMEdevs to not place such conflicting tags in their .xml files.  Or to remove the size="0" tags on nodump lines by hand.  But this issue may come up again on future MAME relases.

I have another question, but I will make a separate post for it.

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