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clrmame Discussion / clrmame and no-intro's header files
« on: 13 July 2009, 21:13 »
I've been using clrmame for eons, and it's fantastic! The only annoyance I've ever had with it is trying to rebuild no-intro sets that require their own header files, especially the NES dat.

The problem is that it tends to choke on files that are not even remotely related to the set and the rebuilder will chug away for DAYS using up as much memory and CPU cycles as it desires but never actually getting past the file. So I remove the offending file from my huge un-sorted temp directory and start again, only for it to choke on another unrelated file a few minutes later.

I guess I could manually sort out all the nes files and throw them into their own directory but that defeats the purpose really.

Can you enlighten on why it's choking on these files? The files it most commonly occurs on are large but not stupidly large, but somtimes it will also do the same to smaller files.

Thanks for such a powerful tool. :)

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