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CoinOPS Discussion / Outputting a game's original resolution?
« on: 15 October 2011, 16:05 »
I'm going to be using CoinOPS through component cables on a 4:3 480i CRT TV... for now I am planning to use the widescreen mode in the Xbox to get Capcom CPS-1/CPS-2 games to have the whole picture in "pixel perfect" because of their wider resolution, then simply having the CRT stretch the image to fit 4:3 (which to me is way better than the distortion from stretching the actual pixels with the aspect ratio correction). However, the very BEST picture would be if the Xbox itself outputted the rom's original resolution instead of the Xbox's resolution scaled. This will have a greater clarity while avoiding interlacing flicker from a high resolution on a 480i CRT... it also allows for scanlines. Is this at all possible? Thank you; CoinOPs is the best!

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