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There seems to be a problem when creating a new profile from either a MAME or MESS executable in that devices (maybe others?) aren't always properly imported. This problem is intermittent, so I am unable to reproduce it every single time. The most common way for it to occur is while creating brand new MAME and MESS profiles back-to-back in a clean install of cmpro 4.00b, though 4.00a also had this issue. What happens is that the second profile to be created will have an incomplete setlist, in the case of MAME missing proper entries for around 12 sets such as namco50, namco51, etc. Using %I=1 in the set selection box will select 0 sets when this happens, and even if everything is selected the affected sets will not be scanned or rebuilt.

This has also happened when creating only a single profile or when updating from a newer executable, though I cannot pinpoint an exact way to reproduce it. I should note that sometimes everything goes fine and the profile is created as expected, though it may take a few tries. I'm running Windows 7 with the 64-bit versions of clrmamepro. This screenshot shows what a broken profile looks like:

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