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I don't know if its Clrmame, Mame or both as the new Mame builds seem to be playing havoc with Clrmame as of the last 3 releases.

What I've noticed apart from the confusing software list thing is that no matter how many times I run Clrmame since 145u1 its always offers to fix all the same Neogeo files even if its done it and shown it to be fine, the impact on time to scan is massive as it seems to be fixing every Neogeo file every time its ran.

Have I made an error is the setup, I've changed nothing for ages and its happily scanned the roms perfectly well. I set the fix to do for all as it seems the logical answer to the prompt.

Any idea's please Roman?

CoinOPS Discussion / Such a sad way to go..
« on: 16 October 2011, 17:11 »
It never amazes me more than when an emulation community goes to war on itself, it amazes me even more when an emulation author loses control and dedication to get involved in this, Dave of Final Burn did the same and he ended up leaving the community.

I offered to help doing a simple job, putting the emulator around a bit faster and it was greeted with almost a 'so what', BP said he does not release the emulator and if it gets passed on then that's down to others. Now I'm not  major player in the community, some will know me from FAQ and support of numerous emulators 8bit wise other will have no idea and why should they but when someone offers help to spread an emulator that is claimed to be sabotaged etc it seems odd.

Ace on the other hand was great, I was given access and was quite happy to do my little bit and then there was another series of rants about dumping the emulator etc etc...

Its like a paranoia of sort....

So, people like me can't be arsed to do my little bit because I don't have a clue what is happening with the emulator and what might change every 5 mins. I simply offered to help others and keep it up to date, I don't even use it, my daughter does, I like it but it wasn't for me.....

Never seen a situation where an emulation person can't be arsed to keep the followers spot up to date, how hard was a link to be made by him...

Totally strange....

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