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At revision: 31910

Name will be changed to: 'xegs_0'!

This happen when the clrmamepro seeing two are the same name. Looking at the driver there aren't two sets. How would it see two then?

ROM_REGION(0x10000, "maincpu", ROMREGION_ERASE00)
ROM_LOAD( "c101687.rom", 0x8000, 0x8000, CRC(d50260d1) SHA1(0e0625ab2473f8431640df3ac8af61925760b9b9) ) // Rev. C + Rev. 4 + Missile Command

COMP ( 1987, xegs, 0, 0, xegs, a800xl, driver_device, 0, "Atari", "Atari XE Game System", GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS ) // 64k RAM

I even checked the list. No two of these ether.

xegs // 1987 Atari XE Game System

Must be some kind of reading error or there is extra info somewhere I'm not seeing listed?

Anyway I fix it by using Merge.

Someone said it got broken from the last update or so. MAME 0.154 SVN with it. I don't know what went wrong. lol

Code: [Select]
Black Velvet [system: Model 110 - folder: blvelvet - size: 4kb]
missing set: Black Velvet

Camel Lights [system: Model 110 - folder: camlight - size: 4kb]
missing set: Camel Lights

Chuck-A-Luck [system: Model 110 - folder: chucklck - size: 4kb]
missing set: Chuck-A-Luck

Circa 1933 [system: Allied System - folder: circa33 - size: 3kb]
missing set: Circa 1933

Disco '79 [system: Allied System - folder: disco79 - size: 3kb]
missing set: Disco '79

Eros One [system: Allied System - folder: erosone - size: 3kb]
missing set: Eros One

Flame of Athens [system: Allied System - folder: foathens - size: 3kb]
missing set: Flame of Athens

Foxy Lady [system: Model 110 - folder: foxylady - size: 4kb]
missing set: Foxy Lady

Hearts & Spades [system: Allied System - folder: heartspd - size: 3kb]
missing set: Hearts & Spades

Hoe Down [system: Allied System - folder: hoedown - size: 3kb]
missing set: Hoe Down

Real [system: Model 110 - folder: real - size: 4kb]
missing set: Real

Rio [system: Model 110 - folder: rio - size: 4kb]
missing set: Rio

Roy Clark - The Entertainer [system: Allied System - folder: royclark - size: 3kb]
missing set: Roy Clark - The Entertainer

Star Shooter [system: Allied System - folder: starshot - size: 3kb]
missing set: Star Shooter

Super Picker [system: Allied System - folder: suprpick - size: 3kb]
missing set: Super Picker

Take Five [system: Allied System - folder: takefive - size: 3kb]
missing set: Take Five

Thunderbolt [system: Allied System - folder: thndbolt - size: 3kb]
missing set: Thunderbolt

Any reason why this didn't get loaded with the rest? I can load it alone without a problem as a n64dd.xml file.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

clrmame Discussion / I have a question on this.
« on: 29 December 2012, 04:19 »
Set: King Derby (bootleg set 2)
Name: kingdrbb2 ROM: sg1_b.e1
Issue: Possible wrong nodump definition found A valid checksum for it within its parent/clone relationship was found though.
Insert found checksum instead of using the 'nodump'?

What do I put? No?

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro with torrent7z support?
« on: 29 November 2012, 22:58 »

readme showing this.

Code: [Select]
 compatibility option for clrmamepro. instructs t7z to create non-solid archives to enable adding/deleting
 files. those archives are not t7zipped, so execute t7z without this option over the set
 after cmpro finished mutilating the set.

I don't see a option in the clrmamepro to choose t7z. Can you add this in the option?

Anyway I had to do t7z --force-recompress A:\MESS\softwarelist\32x\*.7z without the clrmamepro. This program compress better than 7-zip.

Warning: This tool take time to do all sets. =)

clrmame Discussion / clrmamepro 4.03a issue
« on: 21 February 2012, 09:02 »
OK I'm posting my issue here.

If you taken one of the CHD and then put into the ROM's folder. Run scan. The scanner will freezes at 0% and then sit there. It haven't moved it into the CHD folder with it name or anything. The cmpro and cmpro64 will say it is running on the Task Manager screen. But what is it doing actually? Fixing the CHD? It blink on the rest of the screen. Just showing the CHD name on the screen. The program isn't frozen up.

The other problem is that I had two bad CHD's. I fix that issue already. Both are deleted.

For some reason cmpro64 and nes.xml header not working right.

1942 (Japan, USA).zip I had for a while is bad and won't work on the Nestopia and Mednafen.

I went and found one that works on Nestopia and Mednafen. I deleted the non working 1942 (Japan, USA).zip and rebuild the one that works.

But the funny thing is that cmpro64 and nes.xml header thinks both roms are good. Is there something I'm not doing right? It just not checking correctly.

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