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This is the message that pops up when Clrmame finds a rom inside a clone that has the same name as one in the parent but a different hash:

"Issue:   Can't merge set due to equal names for different ROM hashes
Press yes to remove parent/clone relationship or no to force split-merge mode."

Instead of that, how about this? "Press yes to rename this file to origname(__setname).xx or no to force split-merge mode.".

Since Clrmame is the most-used rom manager, currently MAME goes all the way around this issue and forces to have names of roms like that itself. IMO it'd be cleaner if this was done inside Clrmame instead, for people that want a completely merged romset.

clrmame Discussion / bug: "no to all" can mean "yes"
« on: 13 March 2011, 14:32 »
This is an odd bug where "No" (just hold the N key) isn't the same as "No to all" when clrmamepro asks if it can add checksums to NO_DUMP roms when building a new database. As far as I know, it only affects saiyugou (clone of chinagat).

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