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I am VERY new to using ClrMamePro.

I recently downloaded the newest version of Mame,v.141, after using v.135 for the past year or so. I noticed that not all the roms that worked in v.135 work in v.141. I looked online to see what options I had since I didn't feel like downloading all of the roms that have been updated since v.135's release.

I read about ClrMamePro and how I could use it to 'rebulid' the roms that had been updated since v.135 to make all my roms current.

Using ClrMamePro I created a profile using the mame.exe file from v.141. Is that right so far?

How would I use the Rebuilder to update my roms so they work in v.141?
Will the Rebuilder only update the roms that need updating?

I used the online tutorial, but got me confused. Especially the whole explanation on Merged set, Split Sets, and non merged sets.

Can someone explain to me what I should do to just update the outdated roms?
Is there an easier method or some other program that maybe I should be using?

By the way, when I did use the online tutorial on the Rebuilder. It seemed to take FOREVER and it also looks like it created files for roms (zip files) I didn't even originally have (i.e. a game for the Japanese clone version of Final Fight when originally I only had the US version)



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