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clrmame Discussion / Problems with scanning and rebuilding
« on: 17 January 2011, 05:47 »

I'm using Clrmamepro (3.137b now) quiet a while and i'm very happy with it.

But i'm a little bit confused at the moment:

1. Problem: If I rebuild with a tosec Dat a Set, it finds the whole set and the rebuilder does his job. A scan after the rebuilding says, that everything is fine.
But if I load the profile again and start a new scan, clrmamepro doesn't find any ROMs/Sets and all the rebuilded files are now "unneeded".
I can repeat this procedure with the same result.

2. Problem: If i want to rebuild from the Backup-Path, I use the Button to set the BackupPath as source. When I rebuild he doesn't find anything.
But when i select the same (!) path manually (with [...]), the scan runs successfully and every rom will be found.

So what's wrong?

Thank you


edit: Problem solved!!! Thank you Roman for your great support!

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