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GUIDE e UTILITY / CHDs, samples e clrmamepro
« on: 28 November 2008, 15:46 »
Ho scaricato alcuni CHD ma non so come metterli nelle roms, qualcuno di voi mi aiuta?
Quando scarico un chd devo scaricare anche il file con estensione md5?
Sempre con clrmamepro non mi trova alcuni samples, sapete dove posso scaricarli? le ho provate tutte ma non li trovo :(

GUIDE e UTILITY / clrmamepro e il mio romset... help!
« on: 28 November 2008, 13:16 »
Vi allego le statistiche di clrmamepro, mi aiutate a capire cosa mi manca per favore? :(
Code: [Select]
Missing Sets:             59 of 7316
Wrong SetName Case:       0 [0 fixed]
Wrong Named Sets:         0 [0 fixed]

Missing Roms:             284 of 102306
Missing Bytes:            318mb of 58gb
Missing BIOS Roms:        0 of 133
Wrong Named Roms:         0 [0 fixed]
Wrong RomName Case:       0 [0 fixed]
Wrong Sized Roms:         0 [0 fixed]
Wrong Date/Time Roms:     0 [0 fixed]
Wrong CRC32s:             0
Wrong MD5s:               <n/a>
Wrong SHA1s:              <n/a>

Missing Samples:          169 of 2178
Wrong SampleName Case:    0 [0 fixed]

Missing CHDs:             254 of 254
Wrong CHD Case:           0 [0 fixed]
Wrong Named CHDs:         0 [0 fixed]
Wrong CHD_MD5/SHA1s:      0

Unneeded Files/Folders:   0 [0 fixed]

Corrupt Containers:       0

Number Of Sets:           7316
Number Of BIOS sets:      40
Number Of Parents:        1584
Number Of Clones:         3398
Number Of Others:         2334
Number Of Roms:           102306
Number Of BIOS Roms:      133
Number Of Samples:        2178
Number Of 'nodump' ROMs:  1132
Number Of 'baddump' ROMs: 536

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