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I have Clrmamepro 4.035 and .209 full set (merged). Only the .zips, without the chds.

I think split is better.... so pointed clrmamepro to the .209 binary and created a dat file (saying ‘no’ to software lists and then ‘ok to all’)

On the rebuilder option, selected as the source path the folder that contains all the zips of the merged roms, and as the destination path a new folder in other place.

I have two questions:

1.- On clrmamepro Settings->compression, there’s no ‘zip’ tab to select the compression level. (I think there is supposed to be a selector to select from 1 to 9) So what will the compression level that clrmamepro use when rebuilding?

2.- For example, now the rebuilding process is at 32% and says:
168244 matched
54500 created
2350 skipped

Why are there so many skipped things? I think that if I have a merged set, which is all files parent+clones on the same zip, and to convert it to split what clrmamepro does is create separate parent and clone sets, why it says it skipping things? Aren’t all the files of a merged full set useful for a split full set?

Thank you!

clrmame Discussion / Problem on CRC of darkhors
« on: 03 January 2010, 00:53 »

i have got a problem on eeprom rom on darkhors
Dark Horse (bootleg of Jockey Club II) [folder: darkhors - parent: jclub2 - size: 6mb]

clrmame pro says its  missing
i have eeprom with crc:

and it says
missing rom: eeprom [size: 128] [CRC32: 1f434f66] [SHA1: e1bee11d83fb72aed9c312bdc794d8b9a6645534]

i cant find one with the correct crc

is it a problem of the dat? of clrmame? mine?
i made the dad with clrmamepro pointing to mameui32 version 136

thank you!!

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