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clrmame Discussion / Continued from MAMEWorld...
« on: 17 March 2021, 04:42 »
"WTH is up with that now?" Well, nothing really changed over the years and as I said (I know this doesn't help) 'it works for me, everywhere, everytime"

From users who had the problem I got information like "If you monitor the network you see that the server simply directly replies with a 403".
If I remember correctly, the lookup and download of information does 2 small http(s) requests. Maybe that's interpreted as too much traffic somewhere  or -since this only happens since emulab switched to https- something is bad there.
However the latter can be tested pretty easily....I could put the update files somewhere else and modify version64.ini to look it up on the new url.

Anyway...this should be continued on the cmpro forum.

In regard to the 2 small requests, if that were the problem then I would think that the Homepage & Donate link buttons shouldn't be working either.
But they do...

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