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clrmame Discussion / Strange bug?
« on: 23 August 2018, 04:24 »
My setup: Windows 10 1803 x64.. 2 monitors.. Latest cmp4035

Open cmp4035, moves window to second monitor(every window after window and another window... Hint: open child windows on same monitor as main window?)  and uses some function... closes program...

Next time i open cmp4035... it do NOT remmeber window posisions... and main window open at 0.0 and can NOT be moved or resized....

Open cmpro.ini and ...
Win_MainDlgX = 0
Win_MainDlgY = 0

Must manualy edit them to be able to use cmp4035 again....


To me it looks like cmp4035 dont read window coords from cmpro.ini at startup. It jst keeps opening windows at 100 100.... But it saves coords on most windows at exit.... ? dono...

Feature request:

When you first run cmp4035...
1. Open windows offset or at same coordinates of main window if there is no data in the cmpro.ini insted of setting them to 100 by default.
2.  Make it possibe to minimize all windows cmp4035 when running long operations... maybe to taskbar? :)

Thanks for using your time to make this program...


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