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clrmame Discussion / Newbie Help:
« on: 04 September 2017, 17:36 »
Hello everybody. I'm just joined the forum after exhausting all other ways to figure how CLRMAMEPRO works. I've tried the documentation, youtube, other people's posts but I can't seem to figure out to make my rom set from Advance Mame to the newest MAME. I don't understand how the application works but I heard we can use it to change the room to the formats that the many MAME available accepts, correct?
Can someone point me to the right guide to make roms from advance mame be usable in the newest mame? I know I had to start using profile, then scan then rebuild but the options I use don't work and the roms generated are the same as before.
I spent this entire holiday trying to figuring this out without any result, reason I decided to ask for help in this forum.
Anyone willing to help me here?

Thanks in advance.


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