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clrmame Discussion / statistics wrong
« on: 05 April 2019, 13:09 »
mame 0.208 64bit.
ClrMamePro 4.035.
in scanner , choose Sets , choose Roms , not choose Samples ,not choose Chds.

the number of missing roms is not right. I got all the roms , but it still show that I miss one roms.
already find the problem game , loveber3cn . If creat an empty folder , named loveber3cn ,it will show 0 miss.

the related problem , in

( Sorry for my bad English , if i made any mistake )

clrmame Discussion / pause and continue
« on: 26 December 2014, 11:08 »
I think
it would be better to add a button ,which can pause and continue by click,
when clrmamepro is scanning files or rebuilding sets.
(my English is poor.I hope I already make myself understood .)

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