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clrmame Discussion / How to remove incomplete sets
« on: 24 March 2014, 10:53 »
Hi all,
I just started using clrmamepro and hopefully this is not a too stupid question: ;-)
I have a couple of outdated rom-sets and wanted to rebuild them for a newer mame-version. Clrmamepro seemed to me the right tool for this. The conversion itself went well and left me with the updated romsets. Tons of sets are missing and a couple are incomplete, which is not a problem. But I really want to get rid of the incomplete ones to finally have a clean folder with only complete/working sets. Because its annoying to get the error (about missing roms) when trying to start a game out of a mame frontend. After some google'ing around, it seems that I'm the only one with this problem. ;-) Do I miss something important here?

Thanks in advance!

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