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clrmame Discussion / Problems with files ≥4 GB
« on: 09 May 2009, 23:09 »
I'm having some problems with files bigger than 4 GB. The files are compressed using 7-zip 4.65. clrmamepro's log window shows the following (just an excerpt, it does happen with all files ≥4 GB):
Code: [Select]
Corrupt Archive File:C:\Emulation\Dumps\Sony Playstation 2\Champions_E.7z | Reason: NO ENTRIES
That file is actually perfectly valid; I tried uncompressing it and checked the CRC manually - it matched. I'm using Vista64, the 64 bit versions of clrmamepro and 7-zip and I'm on an NTFS partition, so I can pretty much rule out any 32 bit file size limitations.
Any suggestions? :D

TIA, amarok

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