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I am running clrmame pro via wine under linux. For reasons unknown, under gnome, if you press the windows button and start typing clrm...., uninstaller entry sometimes comes up first. If you couple that with the fact that there are no prompts in the uninstaller and that all settings are gone once the uninstaller is finished, you can see how easy it is to accidentally shoot yourself in the foot (it happened to me again today, I guess I should not touch clrmamepro before finishing my coffee lol). Having a prompt would allow the user to prevent that from happening. Thank you for considering!

what is the "official" way of keeping software list roms organised in folders? Right now, I have a roms folder with saturn folder containing saturn chds as well as saturn.zip containing saturn bios. While mame can deal with this particular layout, clrmamepro considers the chds to be unneeded additions to the bios files and wants to delete them.
On the other hand, if I create a separate folder for software list roms and put the software list roms subfolders in there:
  • roms/saturn.zip
  • software/saturn/*.chd
clrmame complains that sysdefpaths are not rompaths. If I confirm I don't want to have them added as rompaths, the problem with deleting softlist roms is gone. I was wondering if there is a better way of dealing with this. Thanks!

Thank you for checking! For the record, the icons set was zipped. With deeper check disabled (but fix missing on) cmp managed to crunch through the scan in 4,5 hours :o I hope this does not happen again anytime soon :D

I am using 64 bit 4.035 and running it on wine-4.0-rc2 and Fedora 29.

I am trying to update my progettosnaps extended icon set to 0.204 the usual way (scan, rebuild, scan). For reasons yet unknown, the first scan is taking forever (I have waited for half an hour at least). I was able to update snap and titles zips without problems using the same settings, icons is the only one causing trouble.
If I stop the scan, a prompt to remove ablast.ico appears. How can I get more information regarding what is causing the issue? Thank you!

I have updated wine, moved the zips into individual folders and enabled sets checking. This has fixed it, thanks for all your help!

It had folders because I had something like:
Code: [Select]
I know it is a highly peculiar set-up but it was working before and now it is not. Even more so, I changed it to something like:
Code: [Select]
and the bug is still present. Scanner fixing issues no longer creates folders though
I did some more testing and found something super odd. I switched to unzipped mode and put one .png file into test/snap. I ran the scanner, and it offered a fix by adding two missing files. When the scan finished, 3 files were found. I then ran the scanner again. No fixes were found, but also no files were found at the end.

I tried a new rompath. I made a folder called 'test' and set it as rompath. While it has solved the fixing to folder issue (my previous rompath had more folders than zips), scanning the complete snap.zip results in no files found.
Just off the top of my head: the number of files in snap.zip is 36817... could it be that a signed int variable is overflowing somehow? I know it is random but I had an issue like this elsewhere and it took ages to figure out. I will test it by removing 4050 files and checking what happens.

No, I'm on Fedora 24 x86_64 using wine-1.9.20. It's 64 bit cmpro and 64 bit wine.

I tried re-zipping but to no avail... Could the fact that for the test file scanner is creating unzipped folder while both merger and rebuilder create zips be a hint what is wrong?

I don't think so... The files like 32x.zip, neogeo.zip, etc. contain screenshots for the softlists. There is still snap.zip which contains the "main" snapshots.
The expected outcome of a scan would be that everything but snap.zip is missing.

So I created snap.zip with just bubbletr.png and to my surprise, when scanning, cmpro created a snap folder with bubbletrj.png during a scan.... so it somehow seems it got inadvertently switched to unzipped sets, which would explain why it found nothing when scanning the original snap.zip. On the other hand, bubbletr.png is in new snap.zip. Not sure what is going on. It's probably a PEBKAC but I am not sure where I made a mistake.

To multiple sets, I only have titles.zip and snap.zip since I don't care about others.


the same setup (paths, etc.) has been working fine as of 0.177. It even worked fine for the first rebuild and scan of 0.178. A few missing files were found so I tried to do another rebuild using backups folder which is when it broke.
I have ~/data/mame set as rompath (maps to Z:\home\julas\data\mame) and in that folder I have titles.zip and snap.zip
The files requested are attached.

I believe something has gone south in my clrmamepro setup. I have added the new dats for 0.178 progetto-SNAPS snaps and titles, did a rebuild followed by a scan as usual. For some reason, clrmamepro is now listing all .pngs for both sets as missing, even though they do exist in the zip files. Any ideas why this might be happening? It's with 64-bit cmpro-4.031b running under wine.

I read the tips and tricks post in the meantime and I'm trying out the rebuilder now. Let's see how it goes.


I have posted this on mameworld before but I think this is a better place. Long story short, I have been using clrmamepro under wine/Fedora Linux since forever and everything was dandy.
A problem arose with the latest ProgettoSNAPS release (0.147). When I am trying so scan either title or ingame snaps, clrmame gets stuck when "testing unneeded" reaches sc4chaina.png. Is it just too many files or something? I am happy to provide more info if this helps resolving the problem. TIA.

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