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I don't expect anything to get rebuilt.

I ran the rebuilder using the NES Datfile through the temp folder and it choked on all 4 of those files in turn. I had to hard kill the process, remove the offending file from the temp folder, dump it into another one and rebuild again. This time it hit the next file, crashed, so I removed that too. x

The rebuilder won't make it to the stats screen if you have a very large folder filled with 8000+ files and a header. It always dies on the very last file.

Hmm, I think it's due to the massiveness of my temp folder. 8,952 files, 456 folders.

Also thanks to the logging I noticed a pattern I should have right away in those files I uploaded. They are in reverse alphabetical order. The log says they were skipped as they should be.

The first file I removed from that folder because of the freeze was war-1.91.u27, then it was Wagan Land (Japan).gg after another scan, VTECH ..blah... 9344 D.u4 after yet another and finally VS.bin

These were always the last files in the temp folder during rebuilding from it. I never noticed that before. So instead of the stats screen spawning it sits there saying not responding. I thought I just had some corrupt files but it always ends up being the last one alphabetically.

Could it be that rebuilding using headers has some kind of arbitrary limit? I can rebuild them if I throw them into a separate folder and I can rebuild from my temp folder using ordinary header-less dats perfectly.

Thanks for looking into this, I didn't mean to waste so much of your time.

I know they are not NES files, they were in a large temp folder I was rebuilding from that contained NES files.

There is no real slowness, clrmame freezes when it hits them inside large driectories but if you isolate those files and attempt to recreate the bug they are simply skipped as they should be, no freeze.

I can leave the process running for days (and have done in the past) and it will never get past a few selective files while they are in that folder.

The link was in the last post, the CSS on this forum just makes the link colour the same as the font colour.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/rlft3n here it is without the colour confusion.

Hi, I've isolated a few of the smaller files and uploaded them with the corresponding DAT and Header files, along with my cmpro.ini.

They are up for grabs here.

I tried to rebuild from these isolated files and it worked, they were all skipped as usual which was odd. But when placed back into the larger Temp directory, where they were originally taken from the bug persists. Everything points to a race condition ;_;

To test, add those files to a large directory of files and rebuild using a DAT that requires a header.

clrmame Discussion / clrmame and no-intro's header files
« on: 13 July 2009, 21:13 »
I've been using clrmame for eons, and it's fantastic! The only annoyance I've ever had with it is trying to rebuild no-intro sets that require their own header files, especially the NES dat.

The problem is that it tends to choke on files that are not even remotely related to the set and the rebuilder will chug away for DAYS using up as much memory and CPU cycles as it desires but never actually getting past the file. So I remove the offending file from my huge un-sorted temp directory and start again, only for it to choke on another unrelated file a few minutes later.

I guess I could manually sort out all the nes files and throw them into their own directory but that defeats the purpose really.

Can you enlighten on why it's choking on these files? The files it most commonly occurs on are large but not stupidly large, but somtimes it will also do the same to smaller files.

Thanks for such a powerful tool. :)

Good idea, shame it is censored on mameworld

Undumped Wiki / Re: Japanese translator needed
« on: 11 May 2009, 11:42 »
I havn't been able to translate the titles on this flyer: http://www.arcadeflyers.com/?page=thumbs&db=arcadedb&id=506

Hi, sorry if the wording was confusing.

When I see something that is known to be dumped I change the category:undumped to dumped and remove it from the list, I've also started removing any other categories listed on the newly dumped games as they clog up the category system. If you click on a category and see 5 games listed you just assume they are all undumped, so removing the dumped games from there too makes it much easier to browse by hardware, year and developer. ;D

Of course this is just my way of doing things, I will listen to any suggestions.

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