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clrmame Discussion / Re: 0.179b full romset exists ?
« on: 02 December 2016, 21:14 »
Done !!! Full full yeah !

clrmame Discussion / Re: 0.179b full romset exists ?
« on: 02 December 2016, 14:20 »
Completed romset. cmpro rulez !

clrmame Discussion / Re: 0.179b full romset exists ?
« on: 27 November 2016, 18:57 »
It's ok, I'm missing them for real. I found a few and added them with rebuilder. But am not willing to search for 500 more, would take ages.

clrmame Discussion / Re: 0.179b full romset exists ?
« on: 26 November 2016, 22:33 »
Ok, here is what I have
I suppose I have to find the missing roms then.

clrmame Discussion / 0.179b full romset exists ?
« on: 26 November 2016, 00:03 »
I think I have all the roms necessary to build the whole romset but still some hundreds are missing, using MAME0179b.exe to extract the rom list. Scanner says.
So, is it correct to say that in any moment of MAME existance, there is always the possibility to create a full romset, i.e. when cmpro says zero roms missing ?
I mean, can it be that some roms do not exist and then scanner counts them as missing ?
Thanks, am just not sure about  this.
Grazie, ciao

I see that an average i5 windows7 suffers with folders containing thousands of files. It's awful. Wonder if it's a disk thing, a FAT issue or Windows.
A big waste of time just waiting Windows there.

I am using the snap files from ProgettoSnaps for the snapshots and the cabinets.
I am not sure how to do it properly.
Example: let's use cabinets.
If I have /mame/cabinets/cabinets.zip then it takes ages to rebuild. One cabinet file every 8 seconds...(!)
If I have /mame/cabinets/cabinets/...all the pngs here... it still takes long. Less ...but on the other hand we are dealing with thousands of file which makes backups and other operations a pain. We also have snapshots, etc.
What is the best setup ?
Thanks, ciao

And it worked that way. I took the newly created folder and used it later as a regular "roms" folder. I rebuilded using ad add-path a 0.161 and it worked with no more errors.
Cool, thanks for the help. It must have been a strange windows sharing permissions issue (on media center there is linux)...oh well, it's fixed.
Ciao, grazie

Thanks Roman for the info.
So, since these errors from rebuilder were hundreds (too many) and I could not stay up all night to press "no", I  set a fresh new folder for rom destinations in rebuilder. So I created a whole new set of files using the 0.14x and 0.151 sources (add-on). I'm now scanning(+fixing) this new directory. WIll try  to rebuild later and will see.
Anything wrong with my way to proceed here ?
Grazie !

Donato ! Donation done !
Suggerisco a tutti di fare altrettanto ! Questo sito è top !
I suggest all to do the same ! This site is top !

Off Topic / Re: Come fare per caricare le ROM?
« on: 18 November 2016, 23:38 »
Non saprei, forse devi fare "audit games" ?
Io sono passato da mame64ui a mame64 e mi piace di più. Sarà ma mi pare più snello e veloce.

Hi. Please tell me if I get this error because I don't know the theory well...let me explain..thanks for the help.
I have a full 0.14x (something) romset (I recall from 4/5 years ago). Now I downloaded MAME64 0.179b. I run profiler and use this new exe to extract the list of games.
I also have the 0.151 romset which looks full but I am not sure. So I'd like to rebuild all the news from 0.151 folder into the "old" 0.14x romset. When rebuilder runs, every 10/20 seconds max I have a popup saying there is an error adding a file of a rom in a certain zip file and it asks me if I want to interrupt the process. Why ?

- Is it correct to use 0.179b MAME64 exe ?
- Else, where is the 0.179b DAT file ? I could not find it
- What is best procedure to reach a "good" romset from my 0.14x to the latest version ?
- Stupid question... if latest MAME64 is 0.179 does that mean that it is possible to achieve today a full 0.179 romset ? Or not ?

Thanks, as you see I miss some theory here but I will try to read around also.
Grazie, ciao

News & Communication / Re: MAMEHUB TUTORIAL 1.0 ITALIANO
« on: 18 November 2016, 22:03 »
E rieccoci spuntare dopo anni. Mi sono appena ricordato di CLRMAMEPRO dopo un bel po e quindi sono tornato.
Mi dispiace che la cosa del mamehub non sia decollata. L'autore, un sw engineer dipendente della Google, faceva pezzi di coding nel poco tempo libero che aveva. Io ai tempi avevo fatto video, messo un sacco di roba su Youtube (cercare mamehub), cercato di pubblicizzare la cosa ma dal "suo" lato non vedevo molto entusiasmo. Lo faceva così tanto per fare qualcosa, non aveva grosse aspettative.
E così, dopo una chat dove capii che per lui bastava che 20 o 30 persone fossero collegate io rimasi molto deluso. Fu allora che decisi di mollare il colpo e di non seguire più la cosa. E per mesi vidi che rimase uguale. So che ci fu una versione 2.x ma la grafica ed il sw comunque non piaceva per nulla. Basta, oramai era una cosa del passato.
Se qualcuno ha domande o commenti prego.

All ciao !
Per un test/codice da dover modificare/implementare sto cercando quel sw che si usava ai primi tempi della rete Fastweb per permettere la raggiungibilita' di un server privato da fuori. Si chiamava pomodoro.exe, poi rinominato/modificato come mozzarella.exe.
Chi me lo puo' mandare ? Qualcuno sa dov'e' ?
Grazie ciao !!!

Looking for old software (see name in subj.) that was used in local ISP to redirect from the outside a connection to a private IP. Need it for a test in developing a new sw thanks !

News & Communication / MAMEHUB TUTORIAL 1.0 ITALIANO
« on: 26 March 2012, 07:12 »
Gaming retro online via Internet con gli amici ! Ecco che viene utile il tutorial che ho appena finito di scrivere. Yaaaooo !! MAMEHub via Internet con le rom del MAME !

La trovate qui

Ciao a tutti !
Forza Emulab !

General / Game name having rom name
« on: 03 March 2012, 00:02 »
Hi, I have a miss list (bmiidx, bntyhunt,chaoshea,cndypuzl,code1d,comebaby,cr589fw, cr589fwa ecc. ecc.) and I'd like to know which games they are. How can I know ?

Thanks, ciao

General / clientServerMame anybody tested it ?
« on: 29 February 2012, 22:59 »
Hi, anybody tested clientServerMame ? I do like and use mame32ui but since I'm a network engineer I will absolutely try this out ! if someone knows it pls reply.
thx, ciao

News & Communication / Re: MAME 0.145u3
« on: 28 February 2012, 20:25 »
Ciao, scusa la domanda da quasi newbe ma.. non vedo niente win32 su mamedev. Consigli di stare sugli exe ufficiali ? Ma gli exe unstable dove sono ?
Thanks, ciao

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