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Thank you for your advice but I've mounted the directory tree based on branch -> computer -> media type (adf, bas, td0,z80). I show you on photos and you understand. I know it's harder to do and mantain but in my point of view is more beautifull.  I use the "same" directory tree than clrmamepro, the only diference is that clrmamepro the last level of directories are the dat files. But that you told me is usefull for me because I am able to add the addpath per branch saving me a lot of clicks and mouse movements aka time.

Thank you Roman for your answer. I don’t test it yet because I must create  about 600 cmp files more first but I think it’s that I am looking for. I thought right about these options is already included. Clrmamepro rocks, it’s the best one. Thank you again :)

Hi to all :)
I write to ask if is it possible to add global scan options to scan & rebuild all sets. For example if I have all TOSEC sets (about 1300 dats) with scan and rebuild options, directories, etc configured. A button or an order to scan or rebuild all dats automatically. I post a picture with this buttons added.  Is it possible to add it?. If that order /command is already implemented let me know how can I do it please.
I give thanks to Roman for his time and Clrmamepro.

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